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Reader Poll: Are You Switching to Internet Explorer 9?

The recent release of Internet Explorer 9 polished up the IE line with a new interface, hardware acceleration, and more. Is enough to convince you to switch?

Yesterday we gave you a full run down of the Internet Explorer 9 release and highlighted the major improvements including: a totally new interface that’s even more streamlined than that of Google Chrome, direct access to your video card for super fast acceleration, customizable menus for pinned sites, HTML 5 support, and a combined address and search bar, among other improvements.

Is it enough to sway you? Cast your vote in the poll below and then sound off in the comments.

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Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 03/16/11

Comments (92)

  1. Stefan

    It does not run on Ubuntu, so …

  2. Daryl

    Happily running XP Pro on most of my kit anyway, so couldn’t run IE9 even I wanted to…

  3. Blackbeard

    Might use it to download a better browser; like Chrome

  4. Q.T. Getomov

    Cribbing off of Chrome and Firefox doesn’t a good browser make. It’ll take more than more available screen and hardware acceleration that I couldn’t really determine to make me want to roll on anything that Microsoft produced.

  5. Irish_IT

    FireFox For Life!!!

    Besides, IE basically stole most of the look of other browsers anyway. (the whole address bar look copies FF)

  6. Victor

    Most of my internet surf is Chrome
    But at my office I use both IE9 + Chrome
    IE9 is for VCenter – HP quality Controle – Sharepoint and so on…

  7. G4bryel

    Same here


  8. guy!!

    I don’t use IE, but I’ve upgraded to IE9 for fun. Like IE8 and IE7.

  9. Akshay

    Umm, hell no. Sticking with Chrome.

  10. Balaji

    No way..
    Firefox FTW!!!
    waiting for FF4

  11. Cyprian

    I installed IE9 because many things need to use Internet Explorer in the background and it should have less security holes than IE8, at least for now….
    But 100% of my surfing will still be with Chrome.

  12. RandyN

    Font rendering in FF4 and IE9 is terrible (can be improved but by compromising features and/or hardware acceleration). Switching to Chrome.

  13. Andreas J.

    To all those saying that IE stole its look from other browsers, let me say this: Firefox stole it’s 4th version design from Opera.

  14. ChrispyCritter

    I’m switching in that I upgraded to IE9 and I will use it about as much as I did with other IE’s the last few years..that is I will use it rarely and stick with using Firefox and Chrome side by side for different things with Firefox being used for the majority of things…

  15. Matthew Guay

    It’s still Chrome for me for the forseeable future…

  16. arj

    IE 9, my secondary browser…
    chrome, primary

  17. Kurt R

    installed it, liked it a lot (versus its predecessor). i’d say it’s way ahead of FF 3.xx and about on par with chrome in terms of user experience (for me, anyway.)

    that said, i do plan to stick to chrome for my everyday browsing for the time being. i think the real gamechanger for me would be if and when more 64bit plugins/addons begin to emerge (flash — though i personally loathe it — would be at the top of that list. sadly.) IE9 is pretty much the only 64bit browser atm and unless google gets cracking on a 64bot version of chrome, will be for the foreseeable future (mozillas efforts in the 64bit area are just halfhearted at best.)

    i suppose some would ask ‘why do you need a 64 bit browser?’ to which i say ‘why have a 64bit OS?’. there are many ups to the stability and usability of the x64 environment and for the most part it gets kinda cluttered/obfuscated by the myriad of 32bit apps we’re stuck with. the sooner more stuff migrates to 64 bit as an option, the better (again, imo.)

    if and when that shift starts happening, microsoft may well steal a march on mozillla and google, but we shall see.

    for now, i give them an ‘attaboy’ for trying.

  18. John

    Just installed it. But still using RockMelt as my default. browser. I have all the browser to test websites that I make.

  19. Juan Pablo


  20. Eric

    Sticking with IE9 after a year of use!

  21. Stormy

    Sticking with Firefox. Main reason is because of the plugins you just cant get on any other browser, like ABP, Greasemonkey, Flashgot, etc…

  22. Srijith

    hell no.. who cares IE!!

  23. Santo

    For me it is only Firefox and Chrome.

  24. Will

    @Kurt R,the 64 bit ver doesn’t use the new javascript engine,chakra
    and is much slower than the 32 bit a sunspider test and you will see.

  25. Joshua Issac

    Sticking with IE9!

    With its hardware acceleration, standards support and privacy protection, it’ll be fun watching the other browsers playing catchup.

  26. Batman

    8 times bitten, twice shy.

  27. Hatryst

    Waiting for Firefox 4 :)

  28. sdreamer

    There needs to be another choice on there, lol. I’m not because I already did about half a year ago. Been using IE all the time, I’ve tried everyone else, and have always just come back to what’s natively installed on my box, don’t need to add more stuff to it.

  29. Neel

    Firefox 4 – Primary Browser
    Chrome 10 Beta – Secondary
    IE 9 – Have installed it 2 weeks ago, not bad compared to IE8 , a major change, and faster compared to IE8 ;)

  30. Марфа

    I’ve upgraded it, but not switched

  31. trm96

    Switch to IE9? Are you MAD, maybe crazy, maybe even out of your mind!?

  32. CH

    I have been running IE9 about a month on my 4 year old laptop and just installed it on my new homebuilt desktop. Seems fine to me. I tried Chrome and was not impressed and it lacked a lot of the features I was used to. As Firefox and Chrome get a bigger audience they are having to come up with a bunch of security patches just like IE and they have flaws and breaches, too.

    One thing I do not like is that the status bar no longer shows the site’s status as far as protedted mode. I block a lot of stuff so if a site won’t work right I put it into the more trusted zone (if it can be trusted!) with just a couple clicks, now I have to go to the tools>internet options>security>trusted sites>sites>

    What a PIA! I used to just double click the status bar and 2 clicks was all it took. Now it takes 5, and you still can’t see the site’s status to know which zone it is in. What exactly is a status bar for is not to see the sites status??

    The other annoyance is, after what -12 or so years, the favorites button was on the left, now it is on the upper right? WHY?

  33. SuAlfons

    Hm, I’d love to. But at home I’m running a Mac w/ virtual XP and at work, someone else does the software decissions for me :-P.
    Given the choice for only one browser, I would go with FF4.

  34. JackCrow

    Installed it in the moring, uninstalled it at noon.
    First of in w7 it ruined gadget opacity, so nothing was transparent, next, when it loads a page, it does not show any percentage, not even with a tweaker you cannot see anything filling up, so you wait for something to load without knowing if it really did.
    Next you cannot turn off clear type, though with a tweaker you can have larger buttons, the back and forth button in the default is improperly sized.
    SSL cert sites load forever, flash is a bit better, but the rendering is now more DirectDraw oriented, and it really does change even windows desktop, so some things are behaving strangely.
    The mem footprint is a bit smaller, but still it is a mem hog when you look at something streamed like US stream.
    To uninstall it in w7, select show installed updates, click on it, uninstall, restart, and go back to ie8.
    Opera is still my nr.1 browser, at least I know what it is loading, and can have a huge offline history and autocomplete unlike any other browser.

  35. 01NB

    I use IE at work because I have to. So I upped to 9.

    But I still run all my non-work related stuff in Chrome.

    Even @ IE9, Chrome is much, much better. But IE9 so far is a ton better than IE8.

  36. Zach

    I like my Firefox too much to change now…

  37. Kira

    I Switched but still using Chrome as my Default Browser

  38. josepherdon

    Me and my Wife uses the same machine at home.
    I am using IE9.
    My Wife is Chrome.

    So far no Major difference.

    IE9 has more features thought.
    I am loving the pin feature of IE9.

  39. Gilian

    Need IE for some of the business websites we use. (THEY are still in the last century) Wouldn’t work at all with one of them; was unable to set the margins for the customised forms needed on another. Gave up and rolled back to IE 8. At least it works.

  40. Dapper Dan

    What? you mean they got IE to run in Linux/Ubuntu?

    Just kidding… not running IE9 because I run Ubuntu.

    Take that Uncle Bill!

  41. Wayne

    Installed for testing purposes but won’t be my primary browser.

  42. rushfan54

    Chrome FTW!

  43. Jon

    Sticking with Opera 11 myself.

  44. Lady Fitzgerald

    I didn’t vote because the poll was poorly designed. I’m still using XP (my machine will not support Vista or Win 7) and IE9 will not work on XP. I have no desire to use another browser.

  45. haMid

    I installed ie9 only to feel I’m “in” the trend.. :D.. It’s loading time is fast by the way so I use it to open up offline webpages. Unfortunately, I’d rather use chrome for browsing.

  46. Mustanger

    Hell .. I’m still running my Netscape! Why would I want to change? Is this poll for real?

  47. Alexandra Jau

    I’m definitley thinking about it. But I use several browsers on a daily basis so it would be stupid to stick with just one. At least for me. Diffrent browsers are good for diffrent things. And I don’t wanna miss out on Greasmonkey scripts in Firefox. Or Turbo-surfing in Opera.

  48. johnsonjunk

    Everyday use is still Chrome except for those things that require IE…then I’ll use it to accomplish whatever IE specific task…then back to Chrome.

  49. Michael

    Why change?
    Firefox and Chrome don’t keep on playing catchup like IE. They keep driving the technology and MS has to catch up.

  50. TheGift73

    Still running XP at work, so that’s a no go.
    Might have a look at it when I’m at home sometime, but won’t be switching from Chrome anytime soon.

  51. PrairiePickle

    I upgraded to IE9, but I still use Firefox for my browsing. Just upgraded to 9 for the security… I only use it for those sites that you HAVE to use it with. LIke PC Pitstop! I couldn’t believe it. They still use Active X controls. LOL

  52. Rick

    I really like IE9, Its the way I would have made it myself

  53. M0hamed

    I use opera which is strangely very popular. Most features in chrome ff and IE are copied from opera. The only problem is its extention support is very recent so not many extentions. Anyway to answer the question I have it installed but I dont use it. I keep it for emergencies and to check for webpage errors

  54. Mo s

    No way !!!

  55. M0hamed

    I meant (not) very poplular*

  56. Phily

    I updated to IE9 for security reasons. I will stay with Firefox (and sometimes Chrome) for my default browser. IE9 still does not offer some of the extensions I love to use in Firefox (like Fast Dial).

  57. Vivek

    Never, wiating for firefox stable 4.

  58. Mr. Joe

    Running Win7 64b IE9 – nothing wrong with FF or Chrome – just believe in keeping software in the same family if possible and IE9 has great features and no problems…yet.

  59. Someone

    Even if I get IE99 from the future, I won’t use it.

  60. brenda

    since i am unable to download and install anything and have yet to find someone that can help me out of this abyss, I will not be switching to anything.

    My MS updates work but that is the extent of my downloading and installing.

  61. delukze

    Switching from IE8

  62. Clarence

    Use IE9 on the Visa SP 1 and Win7 systems I have. It’s OK, but sort of hate the bottom bar. Have IE8 on the 2 XP SP3 OS and run IE6 on the Win98se boot. Tried Fiirefox but didn’t like it and haven’t got around to Chrome yet. We’ll see.

  63. waltdisneypixar

    What a PIA! I used to just double click the status bar and 2 clicks was all it took. Now it takes 5, and you still can’t see the site’s status to know which zone it is in. What exactly is a status bar for is not to see the sites status??

    The other annoyance is, after what -12 or so years, the favorites button was on the left, now it is on the upper right? WHY?


    the favorites whyyy on the right now!!!

    and i can not put email icon next to the new icons!!!!!

    the tabs are too small even where THERE IS ONE TAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i have no choice like with windows 7

  64. charles

    Ill stick with firefox 4 even at RC its still the fastest version of firefox by far and just the addon’s I am used to keeps me there .. I did get IE9 and it is the best one so far of the IE’s and the demo is all but amazing.. but I wont switch .. A lot of my mates use chrome I am just not a fan..

  65. john3347

    I don’t see the option in your poll, “I’m sticking with my pre-IE9 IE browser.” IE9 does not work with my primary OS and does not improve on my current IE browser on Windows 7. I see no reason to move to IE 9.

  66. Temp

    Different browsers are good for different reasons;

    Chrome – super fast both browsing and sandboxing. primary browser.
    Firefox – lots of add-ons and fast too. secondary browser.
    Opera 11 – fast but with turbo service … even better in slow connections. secondary browser.

    IE9 – shows Microsoft’s money in advertising. Never will use it.

    I compared all by hand side by side: Chrome > FF4 > Opera >> IE9

  67. neKr0w

    poorly designed poll. Of course I am upgrading the windows ie component to the latest version. Just like I keep everything else up to date. But the browser is will continue using is Iron. Chrome was handcrafted to be user activity reporter. This also seems the right time to mention that I use scroogle not google.

  68. Paul Swarter

    Dedicated Firefox user but thought I’d update since I have had a few occasions when FF wouldn’t load pages completely. Using FIOS standard internet access for several months with Win7 64 bit with consistent download speeds a little over 20MB. Installed IE9 and ran speedtest. Download speed reads 5.1 MB and unstable!! Rebooted several times. Still got 5.1 MB and unstable. Went to the update screen and uninstalled IE9. Download now at 20+MB. Goodbye IE9.

  69. Bud

    I have over 300 apps and I will not spend the time reinstalling them. After all it took 10 years to get them in and working right.
    When MS finds a way to switch from one OS to a new one with out having to star over again I might conceder it, but as long as they have the attitude that,”you will do what I say”. I’m sticking with XP and Firefox. Transfer my whole family or forget it.

  70. NWNana

    Upgraded to IE9 on my Vista–disappointed that I am unable to access all the “extras” 9 puts up front–but I do like the speed over the EI8 and will probably hang onto it for awhile. I also run Opera on my PC and I will just stay with EI8 on my laptop….

  71. James

    IE 9 is very fast and in my opinion much better than chrome. I don’t like firefox and chrome doesn’t allow any toolbars – I want to be able to use my virus protection toolbar. IE is definitely much better than it’s competitors.

  72. Don

    The deal breaker for me is not being able to move the Menu Bar above the Address Bar. I don’t like it the way it is in IE9!

  73. Rick S

    Finding that my computers running Microsoft are a pain in butt so over the last two years I have been switching to Linux. That was a pain too when I didn’t know much about it but after I learned it’s been a blessing. As for as I’m concerned Linux is the only way to go. I installed Google Chrome OS on a laptop last night just to try it and was impressed at how well it worked. It’s a very fast OS. When you click on something it’s instant even with our lousy internet service.

    Sorry Mr.Gates, You have made enough money off me over the years and I don’t want anything to do with you. Even if it’s free.

  74. Wil

    I’ve been off of ie for so long it’s not worth it to me to learn how to use it again. I did upgrade from ie8 but only for the few instances that firefox doesn’t work. Also chrome is not the answer for me.

  75. Joe

    Dam! you all talk like firefox +chrome is the best WELL i tried them all and theres not a lot of difference in all of them fox +chrome i think has to many add -ons for me but JUST MY OPINION

  76. Nick

    I am running Windows Starter 7 and installed IE9 Beta, IE9 RC and now IE9 final release but “open in a new tab” opens a blank tab, “open in a new window” does nothing at all! Member of IE Feedback Programme and the only contact from Microsoft is my report has been closed as they cannot replicate the problem! Thanks very much Microsoft for nothing. There are a few suggestions on the Internet which I have tried, nothing works – uninstalled IE9, going back to Google Chrome, I shouldn’t have listened to all the hype about IE9, silly me.

  77. Pegi

    Installed IE9 and lost my sidebar containing gadgets I use frequently. Uninstalled immediately and had to use system restore to return my laptop to usable condition. Wasn’t a happy camper!

  78. JasonD

    My computer crashed after I installed IE9. When I tried to restart, the login screen kept refreshing, not allowing me to login. Had to restore to previous point…

  79. a4b1

    I use chrome beta as my primary, and likely always will
    My alternate browsers included opera, safari, firefox, and IE8
    now my alternate browser list includes opera, safari, firefox, and IE9
    no difference except now I do not stay away from IE at all costs, just unless microsoft’s website says that I need to use IE for service X (and if my chrome IE tab extensions (plural) do not trick it into thinking I am using IE)
    also, IE does not have the must-have extensions such as adthwart, ghostery, creator, WOT, lastpass, a native xmarks (not the seperate install), gmail customizer, etc

  80. a4b1

    also, IE is not supported by linux and macosx (and it should *stay* that way)

  81. Mehrdad

    I looove firefox

  82. Nick

    “Google Chrome” is faster than “IE9”

  83. Kevin H

    I might try it, but I would NEVER switch from Firefox 3.6.15 soon to be the stable version FF 4.0. No way no how. After all, it’s still Internet Explorer for crying out loud.

  84. Lucky

    Well it’s MUCH better performance wise than FF3.
    I still like Chrome (mainly for on-the-fly spell check).
    But IE9 is set as my default so I can get familiar with it. I have noticed that it is quite fast, secure, and very customizable. I like the pin feature, and the context menu from the task bar icon (like Chrome does). So far I am pleased with it, and I am learning more cool things about it every day.
    I will give FF4 a chance when it comes out.

  85. Gene

    I use FF.
    And I keep IE for certain sites that is IE exclusive, such as the bank which uses an ActiveX Control. I’m afraid those sites aren’t fully compatible with IE9 for the time being. Thus, I won’t upgrade.

  86. Thandroo

    I’ve been using IE9 since it’s release and have today reverted to IE8. The new IE doesn’t respond to many of the websites I regularly visit, so it has to go. I really like Opera, but again that didn’t respond well to some websites. Firefox 4 looks to be a good option when released in full. For the time being, IE8 and Firefox (switching between the two to suit).

  87. Dave

    Amazing. Was a fox fan for years, chrome and opera secondary but Microsoft nailed it with 9. Blows away fox and chrome in speed and features. Especially fantastic with 64bit.
    I test site designs regularly on FF, Chrome, Opera, IE8 and safari (for windows).

  88. Anonymous

    Am I switching to more Microsoft bloat?

    HELL NO!

  89. ga4a

    “FireFox For Life!!!
    Besides, IE basically stole most of the look of other browsers anyway. (the whole address bar look copies FF)”

    @Irish_IT And Firefox took the address bar layout from Opera only keeping their fatass BACK button. What’s your point ?
    PS. I wish Google Chrome was as pixel friendly as Opera and FF. In Opera I could tweak it down to one small line with address bar and tabs together. in Chrome I can’t do that :(

  90. shaquille ray

    Microsoft broswer IE has lost the trust of many esp with the broswers always having major exploits. I think chrome and firefox will be far ahead of microsoft. Open source 4 the better

  91. Wil

    IE9 is defiantly a big improvement over previous versions as now works.

  92. F. Microsoft

    What is with the wasted screen space all the way across the top to the left of the window system buttons? With is with the “new” trend of hardcoding an interface so the user CAN’T arrange toolbars, menus, buttons, etc. COMPLETELY the way they want them like they could 10 years ago. Backwards or forwards? 1985 or 2011? I’ll be using a browser that has a FULLY customizable UI not partially or 30% customizable. Asinine.

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