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Internet Explorer 9 Released: Here’s What You Need To Know


Microsoft has released the final version of Internet Explorer 9, and there’s just one question you should be asking yourself: Should I bother installing it? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest release of Microsoft’s infamous browser.

Spoiler alert: If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, you should absolutely install IE9 on your PC—even if you prefer Chrome or Firefox, it’s better to have a secure, updated version of Internet Explorer.

What’s New in Internet Explorer 9?

If you want to see the full list of changes with all the original marketing detail, you can read Microsoft’s IE9 Download page, but here’s the highlights that you might be interested in.

  • Completely New Interface – as you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a completely new interface, designed from the ground up to save space on the screen—in fact, it uses even less pixels than Google Chrome.
  • Hardware Acceleration – IE9 is the first browser that taps into the power of your video card to make everything faster, by default. This browser is blazing fast, all around.
  • Pinned Sites – While Google Chrome might have started out with their web applications concept, IE9 takes it to another level by allowing site owners to customize the menus for sites pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar.
  • HTML5 Support – Microsoft has finally learned from their past mistakes, and focused on getting IE to the point of compliance with internet standards. There’s a lot of whiners out there that say Microsoft didn’t make it work well enough, but I think it’s a good first step.
  • Combined Search / Address Bar – IE9 integrates the two boxes together into one, and even adds search suggestions that work quite well, similar to Google Chrome’s combined omnibox.

There’s a ton of other, smaller, features below the hood, but these are the most interesting features. We’ve also highlighted some of them in screenshots below.

Questions You Might Have

You probably want to get to the screenshots, but first, here’s a couple of answers to questions you haven’t asked yet.

  • No, Internet Explorer 9 does not work on Windows XP.
  • Yes, you can install IE9 over top of the beta version if you had that installed.
  • Yes, If you have 32-bit Windows, you should install the 32-bit version.
  • Yes, If you have 64-bit Windows, you should install the 64-bit version (which includes the 32-bit version). Not sure? Here’s how to see what version of Windows you have.
  • Yes, you should upgrade to this version.
  • Yes, if you click this link it will take you to the download page.

Again, even if you don’t use IE as your primary browser, it’s better to have this new, more secure browser than smelly old IE8.

Where Can You Download It?

We’ll have to assume that eventually Microsoft will offer IE9 through Windows Update, but for the moment, you’ll need to click the following link to download IE9. Remember to pick the right version for your operating system.

Microsoft IE9 download page

Screenshot Tour: Shiny New Stuff!

Alright, so, if you’ve been reading How-To Geek for a while, there’s nothing really changed between this version and the release candidate that we previously covered—but for the rest of you, here’s some pretty screenshots to show what it’s all about.

Want to see just how great the performance is? Head over to the FishIE Tank experiment page, where you can see full hardware acceleration in action. It’s pretty impressive.


The new combined search/address bar is smart, and it’ll provide interesting suggestions right there in the browser itself. One of my favorites is the weather checker, which actually shows an image based on what’s going on outside. You know, cause looking out the window isn’t very geeky.


If you don’t like the combined Address Bar and Tabs on the same row, you can right-click on any of the tabs and choose “Show tabs on a separate row”. Note that you can also drag the divider between the address bar and the tabs to resize the address bar.


I totally stole this screenshot from Microsoft’s marketing page, since it does a great job of showing how the pinned sites feature works. Just drag the tab for any site to the taskbar, and voila! New pinned tab with a fun icon! Right-click on that tab, and you’ve got a custom jump list… at least, if that site has implemented the IE-specific features.


IE9 has what could essentially be considered “FlashBlock” built right in—just head to Safety-> ActiveX Filtering, and turn it on from there…


From now on, whenever you go to a site that tries to use an ActiveX control like Flash, you’ll have to click the little icon in the address bar to enable it. Awesome!


There’s a lot more features, but we’re not going to bother with screenshots. Why? Because you should install it and see for yourself!

For the record, I’m a Google Chrome user, and while I do really like the new IE9, I’m sticking with Chrome… but I still recommend that you install IE9 on your PC if you possibly can. There’s just no need to have an insecure IE8 sitting around, and even if you turn off Internet Explorer, there’s still a ton of applications that utilize the underlying components, and you should consider installing it the same as patching your PC for the latest security holes.

And who knows… you might just like it.

Download Internet Explorer 9

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  • Published 03/15/11

Comments (95)

  1. Ali

    Chrome still rocks!!!

  2. Ja5087

    @Ali I agree

  3. Geek Hillbilly

    As with any IE version,I trust it about as far as I can throw a loaded coal truck.I’ll wait for Firefox 4.

  4. fdsher

    @Ali Firefox still rocks (and Opera too)!!!one!1!six!1!!

  5. ihateheadcrabs

    Does anybody know how to disable ClearType (it looks terrible… on my screen at least) in Internet Explorer 9? Seems like there was an option to do that in beta versions, but I can’t find anything like that in the final one. Reading text so blurry is really annoying.

  6. indianacarnie

    Like just about everyone else here, I don’t trust it and I will not be changing from my default which is Opera. However, I will be installing it.

  7. KV

    Is there a offine installer?? The default installer does not work on my computer =0

  8. KV

    Is there a offline installer?? The default installer does not work on my computer =0

  9. Hatryst

    I can feel the essence of Chrome and Firefox 4 in this one :D

  10. PendragonUK

    I have tested the Beta and I don’t like it. I run in a mixed OS environment and want the same browser. I use both Chrome and Firefox. Firefox is an old favorite I’m using it right now testing 4.0 at the mo. I see nothing in IE9 to make me want to change.

    I think it will confuse traditional Windows users, I’m waiting for the call from my Mum the day MS push this out as an update. It may be too different…

  11. Austin

    Have you tried to open more tabs then tab bar’s length? It does not work! WTF!!!

  12. George

    Once again, I’ll wait before I install anything from Microsoft. Still have not installed SP1 for Win 7. I am very happy with Google Chrome for Win and Ubuntu, plus FF 4 will be out soon. The only reason I have IE on my system, my company requires it to access the Intranet for timekeeping and other apps.

  13. HermitPete

    Does anyone know how to put the toolbar buttons of lastpass and evernote onto the same line as the home and favourite buttons, I only seem to get them by showing the command bar toolbar which I don’t really want showing.

  14. Seasider

    I do note think it is possible, likewise with WOT and probably many others. This is why I stopped using IE.
    Add enough toolbars and you could have no page. Google Chrome adds them as buttons alongside the address line and the buttons can be hidden without disabling the addon. Great for such as WOT. IE has a long, long way to go yet.

  15. RoBanJo

    Nice, except I’m still on XP on my laptop…

  16. Lee

    Did I read that correctly?
    IE9 Will NOT work with XP?

  17. sriTHEradical

    why should i change to IE .i am been using FF4,its is awesome

  18. rinso

    If IE9 doesn’t work with XP,where does that leave those of us who are still using it? Don’t give me the old
    upgrade song and dance,because Vista sucks,and 7 is just as bad,which is why I don’t use them.

  19. Brian

    Your’re a Chrome user? As a geek shouldn’t you avoid the privacy issues built into Google Chrome and use Iron instead (Chrome open scource without the Google spying built in)?

  20. Ron

    After dealing with all the crashes and nuisances of IE for years, I switched to Google Chrome a year or so ago and have not had one crash since. For curiosity’s sake, I decided to install IE9 just to see what it was like. No sooner had I begun the installation then I was told IE9 does not support my current Vista Service Pack, and I should go and get the proper service pack before installing. Already, an issue.

    I don’t plan to bother.

  21. zeighy

    @rinso, XP is not support because IE9 uses security features only available in vista and 7…. And if you think 7 is just as bad as vista, you honestly haven’t used it at all…

    @ron, why what’s the problem? install that service pack… it’s not the end of the world if you do… I don’t see any issue if you install the service pack it needs… especially that service pack is months old and should have been installs months ago….

  22. Prashant

    I installed on my machine, but not going to make it default unless it supports ad-blocker!

  23. Louis Payton

    @zeighy, I agree with you. W7 is a fantastic leap for Microsoft. When I upgraded Vista with the service packs I found it fixed things I did not know were an issue. I never had any problem with Vista but the upgrade made it better. I really like W7 though. I have been testing IE9 in conjunction with Chrome. I like it for most things but I think I’ll stick with Chrome for now.

  24. Q.T. Getomov

    @Hatryst: Almost as if they watched what people liked about their competitors and then produced their own analogue. How Rude!?! How long before we see the backlash of consumers complaining “It’s all right but I preferred the original..”

  25. John

    How to disable ClearType in Internet Explorer 9?

  26. lastlifelost

    I installed the RC last week and have been enjoying the new flavor. I’m sticking with Chrome, though. I do want to take a small exception to IE’s tab/address bar having a smaller vertical footprint than Chrome, though. Once you add in those ubiquitous add-ons, like LastPass or WOT, you have to keep an additional menu bar open, and, if you make the tab’s display in a separate row (as any heavy tab user will eventually) the height is considerably more than Chrome’s compact layout.

  27. dkirk

    Installed it, tried it for about 5 minutes…

    Still renders unlike any other browser. It does seem to handle javascript a little better although it does not top Chrome.

    Until it can render web pages correctly according to standards, I won’t even consider using it, much less setting it as default.

  28. Weberoo

    WARNING… aware that if you are using some proprietary software for your business or profession there may be some issues with IE 9…for example of you are a real Estate agent and use MLS it is not guaranteed yet to work..there are some know problems in the interface with MLS at this time and the geeks are working on them.

  29. Greg

    I tried it a few months ago then again a few weeks ago… Unless they did major changes people aren’t going to be happy with it…I have a lot of message boards I frequent, and most refuse to work under IE9..I messed around with the compatibility mode and got a few to work,but most still refuse to render…
    It’s simply not ready for prime time…I went back to IE8,at least it works..

  30. Rob

    Bow-Wow… hasty recommendation. I’ve got problems with java on ie9. HtG should be more cautious.

  31. RobCr

    MS decision makers should be tied to a chair, with their eyes propped open, like in Clockwork Orange.
    Then they should be made to watch all episodes of Stargate.
    Then they should be shown this quote –
    The Goa’uld are a race of sapient parasitic beings that take over hosts.

    Then they should be told to follow KISS, and stop embedding applications into their OSs
    IE would be a good place to start..

  32. RobCr

    PS I just had another thought.
    Why don’t they put a Ribbon at the top of IE browser, and commandeer 20% of the screen for it.
    People that are happily using Office applications, and not complaining about the stolen screen space might appreciate IE even more, with a Ribbon.

    While I am on a role, why doesn’t MS get rid of the horrible Windows 7 Start Menu, and replace it with a Ribbon. That too can commandeer 20% of the screen.

  33. John C

    I’ve just installed IE9 (after taking a disk image with Macrium Reflect).

    Fish page is quite impressive (even 1000 fish is impressive on my computer).

    Each time I click a tab, IE9 procrastinates, I get the “not responding” message in the caption bar which goes when it finally decides to switch to the new tab. It takes at least three seconds to switch tabs, sometimes over 10.

    Just off to Control Panel. I hope I can uninstall this without an image restore.

  34. JackH

    It’s quite good, but firefox 4 RC stilll feels faster on mp Win7 pc

  35. Thibault

    Whats this guy talking about windows 7 bad. Windows 7 is so far the best ms operating system so far. Im gonna install ie9 just to be safe but i stick to chrome, it has more features and is more customizable then any other browser. And its still the fastest there is. Ie9 is faster then previous ie’s but its still not fast enough

  36. John C

    Just a post to cancel my previous post.

    It turns out that it picked up my old Add-Ons. (Just Google and a Java script Add-On).

    As soon as I disabled them, IE9 flies…

  37. Ring

    Do I need to get this update even though I basically disabled IE by using “turn Windows features on or off” on the side of Programs and Features?

    I would install it for the security issues but I don’t think IE is accessible at this time….

  38. Akshay

    Hmmm….I used the IE9 beta for a while, and quite frankly, did not like it. Furthermore, it’s Chrome with a few minor Microsoft-isations. Not to mention I’m no longer running Windows…

  39. Bob in Tampa

    I loaded the RC. It would NOT run or any other AOL url. Uninstalled it! Went back to Ver 8, everything was fine.

  40. cam2644

    Steering well clear of any IE. Firefox 4 is the tops

  41. John C

    Even though this article states that it is not currently available via Windows update, to uninstall it (as I just have) you need to;

    1) go to control panel
    2) go to programs and features
    3) click on View installed updates
    4) find and select the update for IE9 in the Windows updates section
    5) click uninstall
    6) the previous version of IE is reinstated (thank God)

    I found on two of the forums I frequent, typing in a reply took ages for every character. The carrot was blinking at a ferocious rate.

  42. david

    I wish there was an ad blocker like in firefox, however i gotta say that running the x64 version is stupidly faster than firefox4

  43. Ron

    The problem Zeighy is that unlike Chrome and other browsers, IE is giving me an issue before I even install it. Indeed, IE gives me issues no other browser does. I do not intend to install it – rather, I intend to wipe IE from my machine completely.

  44. Omarvell

    I have the latest safari browser from Apple installed on my PC, its amazing and the latest Opera browser but still IE is an old favorite. It’s second to none. Why do folk hate Microsoft so bad. They’ve got proven innovation. Can’t wait to download IE 9 yey!

  45. Uros

    I too can not find the way to disable CLEARTYPE in the IE9. I was able to do it in BETA versions but on the FINAL there is no way I can find.

    Ugly monster this cleartype, really!

    If anyone knows how to disable cleartype in IE9 final, please help !

  46. Joe

    So whats with all the bad writing about IE9 i been using it for awhile now and its not bad firefox has to many add-ons and its no faster than IE9 so I’m one of the few i see that i personally will stay with IE9 ( way better than IE8 )

  47. Wes

    Unless I can turn ClearType off, they can stick all this beautiful web up their ………….

  48. Seasider

    OK, creepy or what. About 10 hours ago I installed the final release, now it has reverted back to the release candidate version. I have not done a restore or anything like.

  49. pbug

    Does IE9 have a viable compatibility mode?

    FYI, I installed Win 7 SP1 on all my Win 7 systems (did it in Safe Mode Networking out of the Admin account); very smooth and easy that way. I’m typing this message in Chrome; I’m just starting to try Chrome again. Whenever I used to have Chrome on an older 32 bit system (I forget whether XP, 7 or both), I had frequent BSOD’s that only stopped when I uninstalled Chrome. Chrome seems sort of nice, if only it were a more finished product (which in might be in a few years). I say that because there is little in the way of configuration that I can do, such as controlling TAB behavior. I find both IE8 and FF3.x fairly slow, and constantly have to clean out add ons and check settings. For instance, I found both set to use proxies recently, even though I don’t have any proxies on my home network. Undoing that sped both of them up considerably.

  50. Raul Goldberg

    I love a really nice pair of breasts. What’s the Internet?

  51. Delkomatic

    I honestly don’t understand the IE hate….I use IE8 and now 9 and never ever have a problem. I guess I am not geek enough. Never crashes never freezes never goes slow. I tried google chrome as well as Fire fox. Same speeds same everything. IE9 runs just as well actually seems to run better than the rest. Oh well guess I suck at being a geek/nerd? But you know what they say if its not broke don’t fix it and for me IE is not broke. Win7 64 running IE9 perfectly with a pretty beefy machine. Maybe I should be more of a geek then I could fan boy more towards IE9 and yes I was around during the hate IE days and I am forced to use IE6 at work so I know the horrors of it.

  52. Atul

    IE9 is nice and has a memory footprint comparable to Chrome if not better. I tested the beta. Opened about 20 tabs and killed the IE9 processes. When I restarted IE9, it prompted me to reopen my tabs. I said okay and to my surprise each IE9 window (six of them) started loading my 4 home pages (in each window) one of which was pointed to a YouTube video. That took up an enormous amount of memory and never even got to loading my original pages. The test failed miserably. GPU-enabled browsing is a nice feature in IE9 which I had thought google engineers would come up with first. Looking at the state of the entire “Google Updater” stack, it shows that google is finally starting to lose the game badly. In any case, I just can’t afford to lose track of open tabs so I’m back in Chrome again. As with anything that comes out of Redmond, wait until SP2 before it works!

  53. Paul

    Should I bother?

    I use Firefox and Chrome and IE8 exists on my computer only because Microsoft FORCES me to have it. So… I’ll update when Microsoft compels me to. Apart entirely from whatever the intrinsic merits of the program, and none of them are compelling (it’ll take more than fish), there’s what IE represents in term of Microsoft’s monopolistic ambitions. Thanks but no thanks.

  54. Lucky

    I went from Firefox 4 to Chrome because of the constant issues I was having with Firefox. It just seemed amateurish and beta-like. Chrome has been great, but occasionally it would have compatibility problems with some websites. I would then use IE8, which was kind of like an old workhorse that would always just work. It wasn’t quite as fast as Chrome (but faster than Firefox) and It sucked as far as features, plugins or extensions.
    But after using the RC IE9, I have to say MS is definitely on track. It is FAST. And it is very light weight. And I have yet to run into any compatibility problems that Compatibility View won’t correct. For those that claim their web pages will not load, turn off the Active X Filter on the right side of the address bar.
    Right now I’m split between Chrome and IE9. I will see which I prefer as time goes on.

  55. chowur

    Here’s a solution to clear the fuzzy fonts for IE9;”Hardware Acceleration” (GPU Rendering) is the most interesting and important feature of IE9. It was introduced to increase performance of IE but some IE users might want to disable it as the text might not look well on their screens.

    If you also want to disable Hardware Acceleration feature in IE9, following trick will help you:

    1. Open IE9 and click on Tools icon. Now click on “Internet Options”.

    2. Go to “Advanced” tab and enable “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option.
    I hopes this helps some.

  56. Dusty

    IE9 is great.
    I assume most of you MS haters made up your minds long before you gave IE9 a chance.
    Hating all things Microsoft doesn’t validate you as a geek anymore,

  57. Michael

    I’ve been trying it out. Except for the glaring lack of auto-correct / spellchecking I like it.

  58. Woot

    Meh, I dunno. I’ll just stick with Firefox, of which I’m loving the RC rleased a week ago (and Chrome as 2nd browser, of course).

  59. Bill

    All you folks using Chrome, God bless you. But as far as I can see none of you have shown anything wrong with IE9. If you prefer Chrome because a feature you feel is better, or FF for that feature you feel is better thats your choice. What I can’t figure out is if you feel either of the others is so much better, what are you doing looking at IE9? I have used IE since it first appeared in windows and have watched it grow thru all the good and the bad right thru to IE9. Yes it had its share of problems but it has grown up to be one of the BEST browsers around for the vast majority of users, myself included. Sure you can make an internet browser if you are able to look back and see what works, what can be made better, and avoid all the problems the other guy had. IE 9 will not be perfect, nore will any of the others but it has grown to be one hell of a browser and I for one will continue to use IE.

  60. apoorv

    chrome is much better than ie 9

  61. mike

    ie9 is “perfect for eye cancer”. blurry as hell without the possibility to disable cleartype. no, thanks.

  62. ma

    i tried chrome but didn’t like it that much as i didn’t understand the combined search&address bar feature. i like the traditional separate search and address bar. looks like i’ll have to change to accommodate modernity. another bug that stops me using chrome is the lack of support for arabic fonts. when google have that sorted then i’ll give it another go. if you guys have a suggestion on this then that’ll be good too. ie9 beta and the one b4 the final release was running quite slow on my w7 laptop. any ideas will be much appreciated.

  63. Adil Hasan Mhaisker

    I installed IE9 today (don’t ask why), and again, trying to dominate, the Micro$oft even changed the default search in my Firefox from “google” to “bing”. I am talking about Address Bar search, not the other search box near address bar… Then I had to restore it by going in to the config and all.
    God, I do hate Micro$oft.

  64. KB Prez

    My first choice is FF. I like Chrome’s speed and use it sometimes too. As for IE9, I’ll wait for Windows Update to install it. I use IE only when a particular web site doesn’t get along with FF. Thankfully, that’s rare nowadays.

  65. Kerri3694

    I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 and I have to say that I’m rather disappointed. It doesn’t work correctly with any kind of games you want to play online. I also go to school online and the browser would not let me submit my homework assignment. Firefox all the way!!!

  66. SirPrized

    IE9 was great but for one problem- I use Thunderbird and links in msgs would not open.

  67. Santo

    Might use IE 9 for testing purpose. But I will stick with FF & Chrome.

  68. chris

    is there a version for Ubuntu?

  69. Jeff

    I went to the IE website and it said i need to have Internet Explorer 9 or higher to view it.

  70. A

    Personally I love Internet Explorer 9 because it is the only browser that works smoothly with both my fingerprint reader and touchscreen for my desktop… I started with using the RC version when it came out and have not had a problem with it yet.

  71. David

    I wanted to test it out but IE9 is restricted to only x64 and x84 versions of Win 7 and I have the 32 bit version. Doesn’t work for XP or even for the lower end version of Win 7. Why so restrictive? Oh well, Chrome works just fine. I do however wish Chrome could reduce the amount of memory that goes into powering their browser. Maybe it’s just me but it seems to use a sizable amount of memory. Firefox is even worse, especially when opening alternate tabs. Chrome rocks but it could be even more effective for users.

  72. abut


    The x84 version _is_ the 32-bit version. It should work with Win 7 32-bit.

  73. rino

    Tracking Protection

  74. Will

    Really? Its telling me that it needs to close explorer to install…. WTF?

  75. aj

    never thought it would be as bad as it was ie9 was straight crap on a stick it fudged up my games for windows instal my media center and firefox and i still had problems with firefox after i rolled back with restore that of course being due being me pissed bout ie9 and fearing the big ff4 upgrade so i thought why not get 4 before it gets me MISTAKE ie9 was a weapon made by ms when i went to run gta4 it was a no go i started to regret all of it ie9 and the ff4 update fock you ms and stop paying off hulu and other site hint! the internet is built on firefox and chrome stop trying to own the web it belongs to the people oh and firefox4 is the ish get it you will love it!

  76. Iresh

    I really like the IE9. I will use it as my default browser if I can install an extension like Adblock Plus to block ads or if there any method to block ads. Any chance ??

  77. Iresh

    OK guys, I found the solution to block ads :)

    Tracking Protection Lists:

    I use Easy List and Privacy Choice

  78. Camo Yoshi

    Hmm, I’ll probably use both FF 3.6.15 and IE 9. But I really like FF 3.6’s more traditional interface.

    One of the main reasons I don’t like Chrome, Opera, or these newer browsers is because the interface just looks so botched.

  79. The Neighbourhood Nerd

    I’ve downloaded it and given it a shot. Blazingly fast. Tops Chrome and the Fox on my system for page loads. My only complaint is the one I give about any browser except Firefox – plugins just aren’t very accessible for this browser. I want my adblock and my visual tweaks.

    For the layman who’s been using IE forever, this is a must-download. For a Firefox/Chrome addict, well, it’s probably too late for IE to get many converts.

    It’s also not as HTML5/CSS3 compliant as Firefox or Chrome, however the developers have stated that they’re only including code that has been made standard by the W3. So as more HTML5 becomes standard, the more HTML5 code IE9 will include.

  80. Pedro

    It sucks

  81. Reppirtsami

    i tried it and found it rather disturbing…. i rather google chrome for it is much easier to use and loads sites up faster… i wont trust MS til they bring out something real and not just something that looks good til u actually need to use it!

  82. will

    meh, I’ll try it but my heart is forever set to opera web

  83. jay

    I’m sticking with good old FireFox, been using FF for 2 years now and i think i have had one problem related to Flash player…. When i was using IE my computer was crashing regularly, That being said i have tried FF4Beta for a week and found it disgustingly annoying,Hoping the final ff4 comes out and that i love it,hoping…..As far as IE 9 it looks and sounds really cool and i will try it out, for i am a browser junky(recovered,since i have been with FF for 2 straight years without trying another, except for ff4beta)…SO as soon as IE 9 is able to be used on XP I will definetely give it a shot…i dont know i just got in a typing mood….

  84. Owais Khan

    ie9 rocks…now i can use ie for internet browsing rather than downloading chrome or mozilla…and it becomes slicker and slicker…

  85. Fran Skall

    Thank you so much for having the directions on your website for uninstalling IE9. I hated it!! It kept knocking me off my webpages about 90% of the time telling me there was a problem and had to close. I tried removing some of the add-ons I had on my PC, but that didn’t help. Sometimes things are better left alone.

  86. Maverick

    Agree with Dusty,

    Some of you want to get on the bandwagon and criticize all things Microsoft. Sorry, I don’t believe half the crap some of you MS haters say. Not a MS lover, but not going to make crap up. That being said, OPERA? Really! Firefox has always sucked to me because it has always made my computer slower. Always. I don’t care about all the geeky people who will say that is impossible. I just know that I stopped using it a LONG time ago. Maybe the new versions dont. Chrome isn’t that bad but it isn’t a great experience for me. IE 8 sucked, I have to say. I use IE7. However, I am excited about IE9 because it is so much faster. That was my only complaint.

  87. Karl G.

    Hi everyone.
    I tried to download IE 9 from the link provided, however my PC just hang during download and seized up.
    Luckily I had a mirror back of my system (2 weeks old!!!) but I was lucky to restore most things.
    I was wondering if anybody out there had a similar experience?
    and if there is a secret to solve this problem?

  88. KhunRichard

    Cleverly, MS has changed the extension of internet shortcuts to .website instead of .url.
    The result: When you click that new shortcut that you saved on your desktop, it will always be opened by explorer even if you already set “Firefox” or “Chrome” as your default browser. This is due to the fact that the other browsers don’t recognize the .website extension. The only way to change that is to change the extension to the old .url as before. That’s a clever move from a company that is constantly loosing grounds in the browser battle.
    You’ll still be opening explorer even if you don’t want to!
    Moreover, they try to sell you the idea that it’s a “cool new feature” to being able to pin the shortcut by dragging it from the browser to the taskbar. In my opinion, it will just add stuff to that bar that is already jammed.
    Personally, I prefer google than microsoft so I use Chrome and I’m pretty satisfied with that efficient and clean looking browser.

  89. olmo47

    chrome, for now will not change for me

  90. N.O.F

    Like everyone else i too will wait until there is a service pack and some patch release for it as we all know microsoft is hackers wet dreams.

  91. gengen

    I hate IExplorer any version… I use Mozilla and Opera.

  92. Greg Zeng

    Few weeks testing IE9. Put it on Drive D, not my boot drive, in NTFS-compressed format: faster loading on the green, slow netbook/ notebook hard disk drives of half or one gigabyte. Faster overall, with more usable disk space.. but not enough Ad-blocks.

    Usually use a IE-SHELL: Green, Slim, Avant, Maxthon, Crazy browsers. Avant has updated a few days ago, but not enough ad-blocks. Slim has a very detailed list of Ad-blocks, so tediously imported then into Avant Browser.

    The only other browser that instantly saves web pages in one tightly compressed file is Opera. not even IE can do this on my netbooks, notebooks, Linux, Symbian & Android computers.

    Opera interface is VERY flexible, without any add-ons to be imported. It also can block ads according to a mask, or specific ads eg Google. Like Firefox, latest Opera has lots of downloaded add-ons available, but not as amateurish and bug-ridden as Firefox.

    My netbooks & notebooks are at my workstations with a 24 inch LED-LCD monitor – in portrait mode. Usually I don’t show the bottom tool bar of Opera, and the top tool bar, with about 20 icons for my chosen add-ons, takes the top three rows.

    All my netbooks & notebooks run Win7-32 (my favorite op sys), but I use Ubuntu Shell (SUPER OS) to tidy up the mess from Win7 … aero, Sidebar, games, Outlook, Adobe, Java, foreign languages, etc … I only know English.

    Java etc is on my other partition, which is NTFS-compressed. Most of drive C (Win7 op sys only) is NTFS-compressed, but M$ Win7 will crash if you make some of the files (not the folders) into NTFS-compressed format. So my Win7-32 Enterprise folder is 10 gb, holding 10.6 gb of files. Desperately trying to make it smaller again.

    Retired (medical) IT Consultant, Australian Capital Territory

  93. Mohit

    i’m gettin’ the same problem like Will said…it asks me to close Win Explorer, Chrome, gadgets, some process, and stuff

  94. Sorenger

    IE 9 is BEST. chrome and FF cannot fight pure alone if you not install add-on or extension
    For Chrome user it’s the MIDDLE position between IE9 and FF4. It’s not support many apps (I really mean many APPS or EXTENSION) 20 more apps chrome cannot design to use many apps browser that why they create ANDROID, 2.2, 3.0. That’s is like OS for many apps
    For FF4 it’s best browser nowadays unlike FF3.6.xx that limited performance if you install many add-on like me (20 add-on more). But FF4 can offer install many add-on and it not eat much memory like older version and again sometimes you need time to trial and error FF4 because sometimes it crashed so uninstall and reinstall it.

    For me I choose FF4 it is best in my opinion if you craft the OS-Browser for my own self and it’s like windows7 browser if you know how to do it like nature things you do not take time to learn much as eat, sleep, walk .and i have IE for open some webs. for other browser i have not time for them because FF4(Complex) and IE9(Simplest, Fastest) is enough for me.
    Complex and Simple go rocks !

    PS. IE9 will works great if you know how to use software on windows7 to support them (and many of them is free too). You do not need add-on or extension like FF4 and Chrome because software can work great on Windows7 far more than add-on or extension alone.

  95. Vagablonde

    versitile with its addons and features until updated
    bogs down after awhile surfing and needs to be exited and reopened

    user friendly to setup and configure
    x64 bit addons supported

    has many of firefox addons built into it
    its blazing fast
    it cant render some pages properly
    its is not as user friendly in the sense as it has many more functions built into it
    many find it harder to setup

    IE 9
    IE is IE
    Limited in many ways as far as customization and or addons they are limited
    it does now include a no tracking option that uses the same lists as adblock+ in Firefox
    Its download bar is irrating as hell
    With a few good bookmarkmarklets you can fill in where there are no addons
    those are also limited

    however IE 9 x64 bit…is faster then any of the other browsers on my system
    without a glitch

    Now if only there was adobe flash and shockwave with 64 bit support

    I dont have really any experiance with
    as I didnt like its user interface.

    So I have and use them all..depending on the need.

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