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Disney+ brings so much fun right into your living room, but you might have just changed bank accounts or you might need to use a different credit card. Here’s how you can change your billing information for Disney+.

On the Disney+ website, log in to your account and then select your profile icon in the upper-right corner. On the mobile app for Apple and Android devices, you’ll select the profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

Disney+ Select Your Avatar

Once the menu is open, select the “Account” option.

Disney+ Select the "Account" Button

When you’re on the “Account” page, select the “Billing Details” link next to your subscription type.

Disney+ Account Page

The “Billing Details” page will show your payment amount, when your payment is due, and how you pay for your subscription. Select “Change Payment Info” underneath the “Payment Methods” heading.

Disney+ Billing Details Page

This will take you to another page where you can either put in your credit card information or log into your PayPal account. Put in all the necessary information and then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

Disney+ Billing Page

Whether you pay with your card or PayPal, you can adjust it whenever you need to. It’s perfect if you end up being short a certain month and need to pay with a credit card instead of a debit card. However you need to pay, you’ll be able to enjoy your Disney+ shows and movies without worrying about missing a payment.

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