Regator manages RSS feeds and finds the most relevant news from popular blogs on the web. You can think of Regator as your personal news curator, and customize it to give you the news the way you want.

Monitoring News

Regator monitors news based on certain ‘Keywords’.  We can ask Regator to monitor as many keywords as possible.

We can filter news in Regator based on content type, date, topic, and new source. This feature is very helpful when we want to view only the latest update for certain news, or filtering the news type based on in its topic or content type.

Collecting News

Regator lets you save news for you to read later under a its ‘Favorite Posts’ tab.

We can organize our ‘Favorite Posts’ into folders to make it easier to browse them.

Latest Trends

Regator also make it easy for us to keep up with the latest trend. Regator monitor the latest trends from different blogs  and display them under their ‘Trends’ section.


Regator surfaces worldwide trending topic such as the Gulf of Mexico,  influential people such as celebrities, and other topics such as national security topics or one laptop per child. Regator compiles trending list in a manner that Technocrati never get it quite right and more interesting compare to Google News.

Comparing News Trend

Regator  lets you compare up to three topics and compare their popularity over 30 days or 12 months. Apple seems to be more popular than Microsoft. This is not a surprise, Apple has been coming up with interesting products such as iPad and iPhone. Apple definitely has more interesting products compare to Microsoft. Apple recently passed Microsoft as a leading tech company in term of market value.

Regator is your companion in exploring news on the web. It is one of the best tools available for us to subscribe to our favorite news and helps us save our time to triangulate important information from the best Blogs content on the web.

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