With all the hype about the Ribbon, one of the more overlooked new features in Office 2007 is the Quick Access toolbar, which can be tremendously useful if you just take the time to customize it.

Customizing it is extremely simple, just right-click an open area on the Ribbon and choose “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”.

Now you’ll be given a dialog where you can customize the commands that are listed on the toolbar. The “Popular Commands” has many useful features listed, but you can change the drop-down to see all of the available commands.

Take the time to think about the commands that you use all the time, and click the Add button to add them to the list.

You can also change where you want the placement of the toolbar, or choose commands for a specific document if you wanted to.

Now your new commands will show up on the Quick Access Toolbar, and will always be there, regardless of the context.