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Like GG, GLHF is a cornerstone of PC gaming slang. Gamers often say it at the start of competitive multiplayer gaming matches. But what does GLHF mean, where did it come from, and how do you start using it?

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Good Luck, Have Fun!

GLHF is an abbreviation for “good luck, have fun.” It’s used at the beginning of competitive online games to establish a feeling of sportsmanship or manners. GLHF is something you say at the start of the match, and GG (good game) is something you say at the end of the match. Both phrases serve the same function, but they’re used at different stages of gameplay.

As you might expect, GLHF is a phenomenon of keyboard-based PC gaming. It’s rare to see the phrase on controller-based console games, although it might come up in some situations. When it does come up, you aren’t obligated to respond in any way. Ignoring a GLHF isn’t rude—but it is polite to reciprocate the gesture.

Some people shorten GLHF to GL or HF. These smaller abbreviations stand for “good luck” and “have fun.”

GLHF Is Classic PC Gamer Lingo

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Like GG, GLHF is a staple of competitive gaming culture. Around since the ’90s, the phrase gained popularity through games like Quake, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike. It’s hard to find early examples of these phrases, as in-game chats are never properly recorded or archived (and who would want to sort through them anyway?).

It’s easy to imagine how competitive PC gamers started using GLHF and GG. After all, the idea of sportsmanship has existed for millennia. The PC gamers who started using GLHF and GG in the ’90s grew up saying things like “good luck,” or “that was a great game” on softball fields and in basketball courts. It only makes sense that the same terminology would trickle down to competitive gaming.

If anything, the long history of these phrases (and their continued popularity) is a reminder that competitive gaming is nothing new. And with the ever-growing popularity of the e-sports industry, our favorite gamer abbreviations aren’t going away anytime soon.

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How Do I Use GLHF?

A man tries to say GLHF at the beginning of a game, but isn't sure how to do it properly.

You don’t have to say GLHF at the beginning of every online game—most gamers don’t. But it’s a nice gesture that encourages others to have a good time. And in the world of competitive gaming, that kind of positivity is valuable.

If you want to use GLHF, then just go for it. You can throw it out at the very start of a game, or you can use it while waiting in a game’s lobby. A simple “GLHF” will do—no need to over-complicate things with weird grammar or punctuation. You could even throw ’em a curveball by shortening GLHF to just “GL” or “HF.” Most people will understand what you’re trying to say.

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