Common system and/or environmental events such as resuming from standby or losing network connection can cause problems for certain applications which expect to be always on and connected. So if you have a certain application which crashes or goes into “not responding” mode somewhat frequently and a restart is the only fix for it, we have a simple fix for you in the form of a customizable batch script to simply kill the application and restart it.

In addition to the obvious situation above, this script can be used for a variety of useful tasks, such as:

  • Easily restart an application by double-clicking or using a hot key.
  • Restart a program only when it is hung or not responding.
  • Run as a scheduled task to make sure an application is always running.
  • Anywhere else you want to automate conditional restarting of an application.

Customizing the script should be pretty self explanatory by the comments, so just configure the script appropriately and you are all set.

The Script

ECHO Restart Application
ECHO Written by: Jason Faulkner

SETLOCAL EnableExtensions

REM Enter the application information.
SET AppName=Application Name
SET ExeFile=FileToLaunch.exe
SET ExePath=C:PathToApplication

REM Select the conditions to kill the application.
REM A value of 1 = Yes, 0 = No
SET KillIfRunning=1
SET KillIfNotResponding=1
SET KillIfUnknownStatus=1

REM Specify when to start the application:
REM 1 = Start only if the process was previous killed.
REM 0 = Start the application regardless.
SET StartOnlyIfKilled=1

SET KillStatus="%TEMP%KillStatus.tmp.txt"
SET Success=0

ECHO Killing existing %AppName% instance...
IF {%KillIfRunning%}=={1} CALL :CheckKillStatus "%ExeFile%" "RUNNING"
IF {%KillIfNotResponding%}=={1} CALL :CheckKillStatus "%ExeFile%" "NOT RESPONDING"
IF {%KillIfUnknownStatus%}=={1} CALL :CheckKillStatus "%ExeFile%" "UNKNOWN"

IF {%StartOnlyIfKilled%}=={1} (
	IF {%Success%}=={0} GOTO End
ECHO Restarting %AppName%...
START "%ExeFile%" "%ExePath%%ExeFile%"

IF EXIST %KillStatus% DEL /F /Q %KillStatus%


ECHO Killing with status: %~2
TASKKILL /FI "STATUS eq %~2" /IM "%~1" /F > %KillStatus%
SET /P KillResult= < %KillStatus%
FOR /F "tokens=1,* delims=:" %%A IN ("%KillResult%") DO (
	ECHO %%A:%%B
	IF /I {%%A}=={SUCCESS} SET /A Success=%Success%+1



While you can find applications out there which perform basically the same function, using a simple script such as this avoids having “yet another program” running in the background.