If you are a fan of the NFL it can be annoying when you’re away from a TV and you want to catch a game on Sunday night. Today we take a look at the neat setup NBC provides to watch the game on their website.

One of the unique features is the several extra camera angles you can watch. You will be able to view these while they are at a commercial break as well.

You can pause, play and navigate through the action DVR style.

The video is actually very crisp and you can adjust it based on the type of broadband connection you have.


There is a bandwidth meter in the left hand corner where you can determine the connection and video quality.

When there is a problem with the video it stops and you have to wait for a while, so this might not be the perfect way to watch games where you’re hanging on every play.

Another neat feature is checking out team and player stats over on the left side.


One of the neat things about watching it online is there are less commercials to deal with. Also when there is a commercial you can still see the field action in the different cam views.

If you can’t get to the game because you are at work or for some reason don’t get NBC (like yours truly)…watching the Sunday night games online is a lot of fun. Even if you have the game at home on your HDTV, there are still cool features that will let you keep up with the game online too.

Watch Sunday Night Football Live on NBC Sports