Friday Fun: Naruto Star Students

By Akemi Iwaya on March 11th, 2011


The best day of the week is finally here again, so something fun to make those torturous last few hours pass by quickly is always a good thing. This week your mission is to safely escort Tazuna to his home while battling an army of ninjas and the assassin Zabuza. Are your ninja skills up to the challenge?

Naruto Star Students

The objective of the game is to help Tazuna safely reach his home in the Land of Waves while battling an army of ninjas and the assassin Zabuza along the way.


The game provides a brief introduction for your mission.


The controls for the game are very easy to use and there are three energy orb types to watch for and collect while playing. The orbs will be very helpful to you while fighting the ninjas encountered during your journey.


You can choose to play as Sasuke, Naruto, or Sakura in the game.


As soon as you choose a character the game will begin. You are definitely going to be busy with ninjas from the first moment, so work as efficiently (and quickly) as you can to defeat them! You can monitor your remaining lives in the upper right corner, your health in the lower left corner, and chakra power in the lower right. Your score will appear in the middle at the bottom of the screen.


Ninjas, ninjas everywhere…


Yes! A 1-Up extra life orb!


Chakra blasts make quick and easy work of those pesky ninjas.


You will receive an assessment of your performance along with your score at the end of each level. Have fun and good luck in your quest to help Tazuna safely reach home!


Play Naruto Star Students

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  • Published 03/11/11
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