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Make using Disney+ a bit easier to navigate on your computer by integrating some keyboard shortcuts into your viewing experience. These shortcuts help make selecting movies as well as playing and pausing your shows quicker and more efficient.

Although the keyboard shortcuts for Disney+ are few and far between, they’re still rather helpful once you’ve started your movie. After you’ve selected what you’re watching and you’ve hit play, there are a few simple keyboard shortcuts you can use while the show is playing.

  • F—Enter fullscreen
  • Esc—Exit fullscreen
  • Spacebar—Play/pause
  • Left arrow—Rewind ten seconds
  • Right arrow—Fast-forward ten seconds
  • M—Mute/unmute

These shortcuts are the ones you can use to control your movie with just your keyboard. Other shortcuts are useful if you need a way to select your shows without using your mouse.

Press the “Tab” button to go through and select options such as “Home,” “Search,” “Watchlist,” etc., on the top of your Disney+ home screen. Once you have your desired item highlighted, press the “Enter” button to go to that section of the site.

Disney+ Main Screen

Once in that section of the website, you’ll be able to press “Tab” again until you get to your desired movie or TV show. When you have that item highlighted, press “Enter” to open that selection.

Disney+ Movie Library

Now that you have your movie opened, press the “Tab” button until you have the “Play” option highlighted. Then press “Enter” to start your movie.

Disney+ Movie Play selection

This also works on tabs like “Watchlist” or “Movies,” but when it comes to searching for your favorite movie or show, you won’t be able to use the “Tab” button to select it. So, if you need to search for something, you’ll have to use your keyboard and mouse for that.

With these keyboard shortcuts, watching movies will be easier than before. Just a few simple buttons will get you to the content you want to watch and help you quickly pause, fast forward, or rewind your favorite movies. Whatever you need these shortcuts for, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that Disney+ has to offer.

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