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Charts are an ideal way to present data from a spreadsheet in a visual way. If you want to insert a chart from an existing spreadsheet into a Docs or Slides file, you can sync it from Google Sheets.

First, make sure you have a Google Sheets spreadsheet that contains at least one chart. You can follow our guides to insert a chart manually or with Google’s Explore feature.

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For this guide, we’ll use Google Docs to sync charts from Sheets, although the process is identical for Slides.

Fire up your browser, head to Google Docs, and then open a document you want to sync a chart into from Sheets.

Click Insert > Chart > From Sheet to open up the chart picker window.

Click "Insert," click "Chart," and then select "From Sheets."


A list of all the spreadsheets saved to your Google Drive opens. Locate the spreadsheet with the chart you want and double-click it.

Double-click the spreadsheet that contains the chart you want.

All the charts in the spreadsheet will appear in a window. Click the one you want, and then click “Import” to add it to your document. If the sheet doesn’t have any charts, just click the back button and select a different file.

Click the chart you want to insert, and then click "Import."

Once the chart is inserted in the document, click it, and then drag any of the blue squares to resize and fit it into your document.

Click the chart, and then drag the small blue squares to resize it.

Although the chart doesn’t update in real-time, you see a notification whenever data changes in Sheets. Just click “Update” in the right corner of the chart in your document and wait for it to refresh.

Click "Update."

That’s all there is to it! If you want to add more charts from other spreadsheets, just repeat the steps above and insert as many as you need.

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