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If you need to see a part of your Word document up close, or if you need to see more of the page than what you get at a standard size, you can zoom in or out. Here’s how.

Zoom In and Out of a Word Doc Using the Zoom Bar

The need to zoom in and out of a Word document is quite common. It’s so common that Microsoft put a zoom bar on the right side of the status bar at the bottom of the window for quick access.

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To use the zoom bar, click and drag the slider to the left or right to zoom out or in, respectively. As you do so, you’ll notice the page percentage decrease or increase.

Alternatively, you can click the minus (-) or plus (+) sign to zoom out or in at 10 percent increments.

If you zoom in to the point that parts of the Word document aren’t visible anymore, horizontally speaking, then a horizontal scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the page.

horizontal scroll bar appears

Zoom In and Out of a Word Doc Using the Zoom Dialog Box

If you want a little more control over the zoom feature, the “Zoom” dialog box gives you a few more options. To access this, select the “View” tab and then click the “Zoom” button in the “Zoom” group.

Zoom option in view tab

The “Zoom” dialog box will appear. In the “Zoom To” group, you’ll see several pre-defined options. The options to the right zoom in and out to a specific percentage to fill its given purpose while those on the left are set defaults. These percentages will differ depending on your device’s screen size and the size of your Word window (full-screen, half-screen, etc.).

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If none of the pre-defined options are what you’re looking for, you can click the up and down arrows next to the “Percent” option to zoom in and out by 1 percent increments (compared to the 10 percent increments from the zoom bar).

Zoom options in the zoom dialog box

When you’re finished, select “OK” and the changes will take place.

A Few Handy Word Shortcuts

There are also a few shortcuts for zooming in and out, depending on your device. If you’re using a touch screen (or touchpad), you can take advantage of the pinch-to-zoom functionality. This feature allows you to zoom in and out by placing two fingers on the screen and “pinching” to zoom out or separating your fingers to zoom in.

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Lastly, for those using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can hold the “Ctrl” button and scroll the wheel up or down to zoom in and out, respectively.

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