Microsoft News

The Microsoft News app allows you to view the latest news and headlines in one place. You can customize it to show news that interests you, local and worldwide, as well as hide news sources you dislike.

It’s usually included with a Windows 10 installation but, if it isn’t, you can download and install the app from the Microsoft Store.

Add or Remove News by Interest in Microsoft News

Whether you love sports, politics, or entertainment stories, the News app lets you save your particular interests to help shape your news feed. This means you’ll only see the kind of stories that you’re interested in.

When you first launch the Microsoft News app, you’ll be asked to select what type of news stories you want to see in your “My News” feed.

Search through the categories in the left-hand menu or by using the search bar at the top. When you find an interest you like, click on the star icon in the bottom-left of each interest card.

Once you’ve selected the type of stories you’re interested in, click the “Done” button at the top.

If you want to add (or remove) interests after setting up the app, you can do that from the “Interests” section. To access it, click the “Interests” tab found on the left-hand side menu.

As before, click on the star icon on each interest card to add (or remove) it from your “My News” feed.

Add or Remove Specific News Sources from Microsoft News

You can also add your favorite news sources to Microsoft News, or remove news sources you dislike. News sources you prefer will appear in your “My Sources” list.

To add or remove a news source, open the Microsoft News app on your computer and then click on the “Sources” tab in the left-hand menu.

You can look through the individual categories or search for a news source (for instance, “BBC”) using the search bar.

When you find your chosen news source, click the star icon in the bottom-left of the news card. To remove a source you dislike, click on the star again to remove it.

The news sources you choose will then appear in the “My Sources” tab and will also appear as part of the selections in the “My News” tab.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to completely hide any news sources you dislike from the Microsoft News app. Specific sources may still appear as prominent news stories and in other sections of the app.

To avoid seeing them, you can stick to reading news stories from sources you prefer in the “My Sources” and “My News” tabs instead.

How to Display Local News in Microsoft News

For local news, the “Local” tab can be configured to display news stories for your current or favorite locations.

Click the “Local” tab in the left-hand menu to access it.

To add a location to the app, click anywhere within the “Local” tab to bring up the search panel.

From there, type in a location and click on it to configure the News app to show stories about that location.

Once configured, if you want to switch the “Local” panel to another location, click on the “Locations” button found next to the search bar.

From here, search for the new location and click on it.

The “Local” tab will then update with stories and categories for the new location.

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