Apple Watch Customize Stock App
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If you’re keeping an eye on investments, Apple’s Stocks app is a great tool. You can quickly see the rise and fall of any stock right on your wearable. This guide shows you how to customize the Stocks app on your Apple Watch.

The Stocks app for iPhone provides everything you need to know in a clean interface. At a glance, you can see the current values in green (gains) and red (losses). By default, the app lists market values for Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Apple, Google, Verizon, AT&T, and more. Apple also tosses in business news curated from its News app.

On the Apple Watch, you can get the same information at a glace save for the curated news. The app icon for Apple Watch depicts a white market trend line set against a dark grey background, as shown below.

Apple Watch Stock App

With the app open, you’ll see a list of stocks with its name, value, and a customizable data entry. Tap on a stock entry to see its hourly chart, as shown below. Turn the Digital Crown, and you’ll scroll to the next listed stock.

Apple Watch AMD Stock

With this guide, we’ll show you how to customize the data, add stocks, and remove stocks.

How to Customize Stock Data on Apple Watch

With the Stocks app open, press, and hold on the stock list/app homepage until you see the following screen:

Apple Watch Customize Stock Data

Tap on “Points,” “Market Cap,” or “Percentage” to see the data listed on each stock entry. As shown below, you can only have one data option activated at a time. We have the data set to “Percentage” in the below screenshot.

Apple Watch Stocks Percentage Data

How to Add a Stock to the Apple Watch

After launching the Stocks app on your Apple Watch and navigating back to the main screen, turn the Digital Crown to scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Apple Watch Digital Crown
Kevin Parrish

Next, tap the “Add Stock” button.

Apple Watch Add Stock

On the following screen, say the stock’s name you want to add. Wait for it to appear on the screen and then tap “Done.” Here, we chose Nvidia.

pple Watch Say Stock Name

The resulting stock entries appear on the following screen. Scroll through this list using the Digital Crown and then tap one of the options to add the stock you want to follow.

Apple Watch Nvidia Stock

How to Remove a Stock From the Apple Watch

Launch the Stocks app on your Apple Watch and navigating back to the main screen and then tap on the stock you want to be removed. Once it’s open, tap and hold on the screen until an “X” appears. Select the “X” to remove the stock from your wearable.

Apple Watch Remove Stock

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