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iOS 13’s, iPadOS 13’s, and macOS Catalina’s Safari updates are quite robust. But the redesigned start page leaves something to be desired. If you don’t like the new Frequently Visited or Siri Suggestions sections, here’s how to disable them.

How to Disable the Frequently Visited Section

As the name suggests, the new Frequently Visited section in Safari’s start page lists websites that you visit frequently. If you already have those websites in the Favorites section, this new feature is redundant. You also might not want Safari to show these websites for privacy reasons.

You can either hide a website from this section or disable the whole Frequently Visited section altogether.

Disable the Frequently Visited Section on iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari app and go to the start page. Find the Frequently Visited section and then press and hold on a website icon.

From the popup, tap on “Delete.”

To disable the entire Frequently Visited section, we’ll need to go to the Settings app.

Open the Settings app and go to the “Safari” section.

Here, in the General section, tap on the toggle next to “Frequently Visited Sites.”

The Frequently Visited section will instantly disappear from the Safari start page.

Disable the Frequently Visited Section on Mac

If you’re using a Mac, you can customize the Frequently Visited section right from the start page in Safari.

To delete a particular website from the Frequently Visited section, right-click on the website icon and then click on “Delete.”

Click on delete to remove a frequently visited website

If you want to remove the entire Frequently Visited section, right-click in the blank area on the start page and uncheck the “Show Frequently Visited” option.

How to Disable Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions have now made their way to the Safari app. Just like Siri Suggestions in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, they aren’t really helpful in Safari. Siri Suggestions will show you websites from your reading list, open tabs from other devices, and sites it thinks you might want to visit.

Disabling the Siri Suggestions section is straightforward on the Mac, but the option in iOS and iPadOS is hidden deep in the Settings app.

Disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone and iPad

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and then go to the “Siri & Search” section.

Here, find the “Safari” option.

On this page, tap on the toggle next to “Show Siri Suggestions In App” to disable Siri Suggestions section in the Safari start page.

Disable Siri Suggestions on Mac

To hide Siri Suggestions section in Safari on macOS Catalina, simply right-click in the empty area on the start page.

Here, click on the “Show Siri Suggestions” option.

The Siri Suggestions section will instantly disappear from the Safari start page.

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