Microsoft is killing My People, as predicted. The “My People” feature on the taskbar is still here for now, but Microsoft has revealed it’s “no longer being developed” and “may be removed in a future update.”

This information was revealed in a list of Windows 10 features Microsoft is no longer developing as of Windows 10’s November 2019 Update, which just arrived with a few small changes. This feature is now “deprecated”—it’s not gone yet, but expect it to vanish in an upcoming update.

If you’re confused about what My People is, you’re not alone. This feature is enabled by default on Windows 10’s taskbar. Click the icon to find all the people you talk to across different installed social apps. You can choose how you want to contact them—by email or via an app. You can even pin the people you talk to most frequently to your taskbar so they’re always there!

That was the theory. In practice, very few apps have integrated with it. Even Microsoft’s own apps like Windows 10’s integrated SMS feature, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, Yammer, and Xbox Live Chat have ignored it. And, if Microsoft is ignoring it, why would popular services like Facebook bother using it? That lack of developer support makes the feature largely useless.

My People is now just another pointless icon to disable when you’re setting up Windows 10. It’s one of the many useless features we think Microsoft should remove from Windows 10, and we’re happy Microsoft is getting rid of it.

Microsoft, let My People go.

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