Apple AirPods Pro Ear Tip Sizes
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The Apple AirPods Pro comes with small, medium, and large silicone ear tips. The medium set is preinstalled, but it can be yanked off and swapped to find the best fit. Here’s how to test the seal and acoustic performance.

Start by testing the physical fit of the preinstalled medium ear tips. You want the AirPods Pro to have a secure but comfortable fit. If the tip is too tight or too loose, yank the silicone tip off the bud and then press the smaller or larger tip into its place.

Now that you have a comfortable fit, it’s time to test the seal to ensure the best noise cancellation and audio performance. Keep in mind that your AirPods Pro has to be paired with an iPhone to complete this test.

Begin by opening the “Settings” app. If you can’t find it on your iPhone, swipe down on your home screen and use Apple’s Spotlight Search to locate the app.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear Select Settings App

Next, tap on the “Bluetooth” option.

Apple AirPods Pro In-Ear Select Bluetooth

To continue, you’ll need your AirPods Pro to be out of the charging case and in your ears. Doing this will connect the earbuds to your iPhone.

Now, locate the AirPods Pro listing and select the “i” icon next to it.

Scroll down and tap on the “Ear Tip Fit Test” link.

Apple AirPods Pro Select Ear Tip Fit Test

The next screen will explain what the ear tip test is and why it’s crucial to find the best fit. When you’re ready, select the “Continue” button.

Apple AirPods Pro Select Continue

Confirm that the AirPods Pro is comfortably in your ears and then tap on the Play button to begin the test.

Apple AirPods Pro Select the Play Button

You will now be presented with the fit results. If there’s a good seal on both earbuds, you can exit the test by selecting the “Done” button in the top-right corner.

Apple AirPods Pro Good Fit Results Select Done

If the AirPods Pro failed the fit test, you should adjust the earbud or try one of the other tip sizes. Once you’re ready, tap on the Play button again to redo the test.

Apple AirPods Pro Bad Fit Results Select Play Again

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