Apple AirPods Pro Pair with iPhone
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The AirPods Pro feature a new design and higher price tag, but the pairing process is the same as Apple’s other truly wireless earbuds. Setting up the headphones is a breeze, whether you’re connecting them to an iPhone or anything else.

Pair AirPods Pro with iPhone

To start pairing the AirPods Pro with your iPhone, hold the charging case within several inches of your unlocked smartphone. Open the case’s lid, and a setup dialog will appear on your screen.

When you’re ready to connect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone, tap on the “Connect” button.

Apple AirPods Pro Pair with iPhone Tap Connect

After several seconds, the AirPods Pro will be paired to your iPhone. The on-screen dialog will play through three different screens to explain how some of the headphone’s new features such as noise cancellation work.

The setup process will ask if you want Siri to read incoming messages through the AirPods Pro without having to unlock your iPhone. This is a feature that’s available for those running iOS 13.2 and higher.

To enable the feature, select the “Announce Messages With Siri” button. If not, tap the “Not Now” link. You can always go into the AirPods Pro’s settings and change this later.

Apple AirPods Pro Pair with iPhone Announce Messages with Siri

Tap the “Done” button to exit the setup process.

Apple AirPods Pro Pair with iPhone Tap Done

If you have iCloud configured on your handset, the AirPods Pro’s pairing will be shared with your other Apple devices. This means that the earbuds should automatically work with iPads, Macs, and other supported devices without any additional work on your part.

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Pair AirPods Pro with Android, Windows, Mac, and More

As with the first- and second-generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro can work as regular Bluetooth headphones with almost any other device. Setting everything up isn’t as smooth as with the iPhone, but it is relatively painless.

Before we begin, if you’ve already paired the AirPods Pro with your iPhone, the earbuds should be already set up with your iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. If you don’t own an iPhone, continue following the below instructions.

Start the pairing process by first ensuring that the AirPods are inside the charging case. Next, flip open the lid. Carefully turn the case around and locate the physical button on the back.

Press and hold the button down until the light on the front of the case starts blinking.

Apple AirPods Pro Back of Case with Pairing Button
Justin Duino / How-To Geek

The AirPods Pro will remain in pairing mode until the charging case’s lid is closed.

You can now open the Bluetooth menu on your other device, find the “AirPods Pro” listing, and connect to the headphones. Follow our full AirPods pairing guide if you need help setting up the connection with your Android phone, Windows laptops, macOS, or other devices.

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