Have you been looking for a way to display the Status Bar in Firefox only when you need it? Now you can start enjoying that auto-hide goodness with the autoHideStatusbar extension.


There it is…the same old “Status Bar” that just seems to hang around taking up space. Time to grab that extension and install it…


Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you will quickly see that the “Status Bar” is totally hidden (nice!).


Ok, so what about the options for autoHideStatusbar? In the “Preferences Area” you can enable/disable autoHideStatusbar, determine when (and how) the “Status Bar” appears, and select/deselect direct settings for the “Status Bar” itself.

Note: For our browser we chose “always” for “hovering a link?” and selected the “Floating statusbar” option.

If you have a particular website where you would like to have the “Status Bar” always display, then you can add the URL here in the “AHS Filters Area”.

To delete a website address all that you have to do is quickly double click that address and then click “OK” when the message window appears.

autoHideStatusbar in Action

Here is the “Status Bar” displaying while the How-To Geek website is loading…

And the “Status Bar” displaying the address when we hovered the mouse over a link…

Take a close look at the bottom of the browser. Holding the mouse at that position relative to the edge activated the “Floating statusbar” option mentioned above. Why activate it? To gain easy access to the “autoHideStatusbar Icon” (or other icons if present).

While the “Status Bar” is displaying you can temporarily deactivate autoHideStatusbar by clicking on the “autoHideStatusbar Icon”. Green for active and Red for non-active…


If you find yourself wanting the Status Bar to be an “on-demand” feature only, then you are definitely going to enjoy having this extension added to your browser.


Download the autoHideStatusbar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the autoHideStatusbar extension (Extension Homepage)

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