iPad Pro showing Today View widgets on Home screen
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iPadOS 13 dramatically improves the productivity of the iPad and it starts with the home screen. You can now pin the Today View widgets to the left column on the tablet’s home screen, making it much easier to access your favorite shortcuts.

How to Access Today View in iPadOS 13

The Today View used to show up as its own page on the iPad. In iPadOS 13, it shows up as a column on the left edge of the iPad’s screen. Just swipe right anywhere on the left-most home screen to reveal the widgets panel.

Widgets shown on iPad Pro Home screen in landscape view

If you’re in the landscape mode, the icon grid will shrink to take up space next to the Today View panel. Swipe left to hide the panel. If you’re in portrait mode, swiping right on the home screen will bring up the Today View panel on top of the home screen (the icons will be blurred).

Widgets shown on iPad Pro Home screen in portrait view

How to Add Widgets to Today View

If you’re new to using the Today View, you’ll first need to add widgets to this screen. Scroll to the bottom of the Today View section and tap on “Edit.”

Tap on Edit button at the bottom of widgets section

You’ll now see a list of all enabled widgets. They’ll have a “Minus” icon on the left edge and a “Handle” icon on the right edge. You can tap on the “Minus” button and then tap on “Remove” to remove the existing widget from the Today View.

Tap on Minus button and then tap on Remove

Tap and hold the “Handle” icon to rearrange the widgets from the list.

Scroll down to see the “More Widgets” section. Here, you’ll see all available widgets from your installed apps. To add a widget to the Today View, simply tap on the green “+” icon next to the widget.

tap on Plus button to add widgets to Today View

How to Pin Today View Widgets on the Home Screen

If you use the widgets as shortcuts, it’s best to pin the Today View panel on the home screen. This way, your favorite widgets will always be available the moment you unlock your iPad.

To do this, bring up the Today View by swiping right on the left-most home screen. Then swipe to the bottom of the Today View panel and tap on the “Edit” button. Here, select the toggle next to “Keep on Home Screen.”

Tap on the toggle to enable widgets on Home screen

Once you do this, a new “Pinned Favorites” section will appear below. You can now drag any widgets from the list to the Pinned Favorites section to pin them to the home screen.

Tap and hold on the “Handle” button next to the widget and then move it to the “Pinned Favorites” section.

Grab the handle and move the widget to Pinned section

Once pinned, these widgets will always show up on the home screen. You can swipe up to reveal all of the other widgets in the list.

To increase your productivity on the iPad even further, try using it with a mouse.

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