Apple has unveiled its flagship iPhone 11 trio at the closely watched annual press event, together with Apple watch and an unexpected new iPad. The lack of a 5G support in the iPhone 11 lineup might discourage fans who want to upgrade their mobile. Still, iOS data migration and management never ceased to be the focus, no matter for a new iPhone switch, or free up storage on old iPhone to start afresh and speed up your digital life.

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DearMob Provides a Safer Way to Manage, Back up and Migrate Your iPhone Data

What is your scenario? Want to transfer everything to a new iPhone or want a fresh start, but prefer to selectively restore specific types of iOS content? Tend to back up your old iPhone before upgrading to iOS 13 in case of emergency strikes, or simply want to free up space on the old iPhone while taking good care of existing data? DearMob iPhone Manager has a safe and easy-to-use iOS backup and transfer tool with more custom options for you, catering to all kinds of situations to better manage iOS devices.

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The above page also gives detailed instructions on safely transferring everything from iPhone to iPhone.

iPhone Backup and Restore: iCloud isn’t Better than iTunes, and Vice Versa

If you are not a start-from-scratch type of iPhone users, you might be familiar with some methods to move your stuff from old iPhone to a brand new one. Given the variety of data from all kinds of resources and in different formats, nail-biting situations crop up every now and then.

  • The wireless way is slow, unstable, and full of restrictions. iCloud syncing is suitable to update every little change daily, but when it comes to one-time phone switch, you could imagine the time required to transfer all your assets accumulated over the years from old iPhone to new models, regardless of the condition of Wi-Fi network. Not to mention the Apple ID restriction, the possibility of messing up with your photo metadata, generating duplicated contacts, and incapability to upload non-Apple content such as computer-synced photos, PDFs, digital books, downloaded movies, etc.
  • iTunes is less flexible and prone to errors. Data transfer is one-directional, with no access to preview, export and manage content on iPhone; complaints such as iTunes backup taking forever to finish, backup corrupted, photos, videos, and other files missing after syncing with iTunes are not uncommon. Part of the annoyances is iTunes innate, with syncing mechanism and iTunes library restrictions that may erase your data against your will. Flexibility seldom goes with iTunes; you cannot import MKV videos, FLAC songs, 1-click making custom ringtones, to name a few. And above all, backup & restore is not complete if you have content from outside Apple ecosystem.

Highlighted Features of DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Safe, no data erasing. Full-way offline transfer & backup solution in DearMob iPhone Manage rid you of any worry. With multiple aced encryption algorithms (1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2, Argon 2) in its arsenal, users can encrypt their backup and set a password on specific files. There is no iTunes library limit or computer-specific constraints, enabling you to freely transfer data on any computer without data erasing.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use. There is no learning curve, thanks to the streamlined UX design. Drag and drop, import and export, transfer and back up some or all content at your selection, access photos, videos, music, books, contacts, etc. Everything is straightforward and concisely visualized. Throw a file, DearMob iPhone Manager offers you options to convert or compress for better compatibility.
  • Quick and Stable. Lightweight and responsive, handling data on a 256GB or 512GB iPhone is a whoosh. Back up iPhone or selectively transfer and restore specific data, it proceeds at your request. No more iTunes-slows-down-computer pain.

Plus, DearMob iPhone Manager has powerful custom options to preserve App and App data from a backup file, set custom ringtone with any song, print text messages, and more, waiting for you to explore.


DearMob iPhone Manager runs on Windows and Mac, fully compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from iOS 13 all the way back to iOS 7; it takes care of both your old and new devices.

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