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Should you come across a Chrome extension while on Android, you can add it to your Desktop browser to install later. The next time you open Chrome on a desktop, the extension will prompt you to install.

The Chrome Web Store isn’t accessible from mobile devices. When you try to go to the website, you’re redirected to a page that states you aren’t able to access the web store. Your only option is to click a “Send myself a reminder” button that sends an email to yourself with a link to the web store.

Send yourself a reminder to check out the Chrome web store.

While you can’t access the Chrome web store homepage, you can open an extension’s page directly when you click the link from search results or if someone sends you the link.

Open the Chrome app on your Android device, search for the extension you want to install, and then click on the Chrome extension’s search result.

Once the extension’s page loads, click “Add to Desktop.”

Click “Add to desktop” one more time to confirm the action.

The next time you open Chrome on the desktop, click the yellow icon with an exclamation mark in it found in the top-right corner, and then click the message “<Extension> was added remotely.”

Finally, read which permissions the extension requires and then click “Enable extension.”

And just like that, Chrome installs the extension automatically. You can now start to use the extension immediately, just like any other extension.

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