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Slack is a popular communication service primarily used in workplace environments. If you want to try it, you can create your own free Slack workspace and invite anyone you want. Here’s how to set it up.

To set up your own Slack workspace, head to and click the “Get Started” button in the top-right corner.

Slack's "Get Started" button.

Click on the “Create a New Workspace” option.

The "Create a new workspace" option.

Enter your email address and click “Confirm.”

The textbox to enter your email, and the Confirm button.

This email address is used as your login name and as the contact address for billing information if you eventually choose to move to a paid Slack plan rather than the free plan. It’s also used to send you a six-digit confirmation code (to make sure it’s a live address), which you need to enter on the next page.

The textbox to enter your 6-digit confirmation code.

Once you’ve entered the code, you need to choose a name for your Slack workspace. This will become part of the URL that you use to access your Slack workspace.

For example, if Wile E. Coyote wanted to create a Slack instance for ACME Anvils, he would put “ACME Anvils” in this field, and his Slack instance would be

Enter a name and click “Next.”

The textbox to enter the name of your workspace, and the Next button.

If someone has already used the name you’ve chosen, Slack will tell you to pick another name.

Once you’ve entered a unique name, Slack asks you to enter the name of a project you’re working on. When you’re just trying Slack out this might seem odd, but Slack is aimed at businesses who want a way for their staff to communicate and collaborate.

This process will create a channel in your new Slack workspace that you can delete if it’s unwanted.

The textbox to enter the name of a project, and the Next button.

Now you have the opportunity to add the email addresses of other people you want to invite. Enter one or more email addresses and click “Add Teammates.”

Alternatively, you click on”Get an Invitation Link to Share,” which you can send to anyone you want.

If you want to keep your workspace private, click “Skip for Now.”

The options to add additional people to your workspace.

Your workspace is now ready to use. Click “See Your Channel in Slack” to open it.

The "See your channel in Slack" button.

Here’s what the workspace name and channel list looks like when it first opens. As you can see, channel names are all lowercase and have no spaces. You can add a hyphen to put spaces between channel names.

The Slack workspace, showing the name and channel list.

Click the “Finish Signing Up” button in the chat window to create a password for your account and more.

The "Finish signing up" button.

In the first page of three, enter your name and password and then click “Next.”

The textboxes to enter your name and password.

In the second page, confirm the name of the workspace and the URL. Click “Next.”

The textboxes to change your workspace name and URL.

On the final page, enter the email addresses of anyone you want to invite and then click “Finish.”

The option to enter email addresses of people to invite, and the Finish button.

Now you’ve set up Slack, click the arrow next to your workspace name to see the user menu. If you haven’t invited anyone yet because you just want to have a poke around, this is where you’ll find the “Invite People” option.

The Slack user menu.

Slack has lots of options to explore, so have a look around and see what interests you. Start by personalizing the colors (maybe you’d like to turn on dark mode?) and adding your favorite emojis and go from there.

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