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For years, iPhone users needed to download a third-party video editor app to rotate videos. With the launch of iOS 13, users can fix the orientation of videos from the built-in Photos app. Here’s how.

Start by opening the “Photos” app on your iPhone. If you can’t find the icon, swipe down on the home screen and use Spotlight search to find the app.

Scroll down to the “Media types” section and tap on “Videos.” Alternatively, you can select the “Recents” album.

Locate the video that you want to rotate. Tap on the file to view the expanded video.

Select the “Edit” button found in the top-right corner of the display.

Tap on the crop button in the bottom toolbar. The icon looks like two right angles intersecting each other.

Select the rotate button found in the top-right of the display. Each time you tap it, the video will rotate 90 degrees to the right.

When you’re done rotating the video to the desired orientation, select “Done.”

The rotated video on your iPhone will be saved in the correct orientation. You can now share the video with friends and family without having to install a third-party app.

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