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Nest users can now migrate their account over to Google. Doing so allows for a more secure sign-in process and better integration with Google Assistant, but kills most third-party integrations. There are more cons than pros, so we recommend waiting.

Why You Should Hold off on Making the Switch

When Google announced its plans for the account migration, it also stated that the company would eventually kill off the Works with Nest program. This change would require services to move over to the Works with Google Assistant program.

The main problem with that transition is that most services would lose direct access to Nest Products. As a result, users would need to set up routines that may or may not work the way they previously had.

The one caveat is if you’re using Amazon’s smart devices with your Nest products. Google stated that it is working with Amazon to make sure Alexa keeps all of its integrations.

If you’re not worried about losing third-party integrations with your Nest devices, go ahead and move to the next section.

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Migrate Your Nest Account to a Google Account

For this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through migrating your Nest account to Google using the Android app. The process is nearly identical on the iOS app and on the web. Additionally, you will need to be running version 5.38 of the Nest app.

Note: Migrating your Nest account to Google is not reversible. Once you confirm the switch, you won’t be able to use your Nest login again.

First, open the Nest app on your device or visit the Nest website and ensure that you’re signed in. Next, select the gear icon in the top-right of the screen to take you to the settings menu. If you’re on the web, you’ll need to click on your avatar and then choose “Settings”.

Nest App Select Setting Gear

Next, select “Account” located at the top of the settings menu.

Nest App Select Account

If you’re running version 5.38 of the mobile app or later, you should see a “Migrate to a Google Account” option near the top of the list. Click it.

Nest App Select Migrate to a Google Account

You will now be shown some of the perks of migrating your Nest products to Google. These include having one secure account, seamless product integrations, and better control over your data. If you wish to continue, select “Continue with Google”.

Nest App Select Continue with Google

Now, choose which Google account you wish to migrate your Nest account to. If your account isn’t showing, select “Use another account” and sign in.

Nest App Select your Google Account

After you authenticate yourself, follow the on-screen instructions for linking your Nest devices to Google. Start by clicking “Next” under “Your new Google Nest home” and assigning everything to a residence previous set up in the Google Home app.

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Next, choose “Next” under “Review Privacy and Terms”. The next page will provide you with links to Google’s Terms of Service for you to read.

When you’re done, select “Complete migration” to move your Nest account to Google. Remember, after you click this button, there is no reversing the process.

Nest App Select Complete Migration

One of the last things Google will ask you to do is select which marketing and service-related emails you would like to receive. These include Google Store Promotions, Google hardware, and Nest Home Report.

With that, you should be all set. Google reminds you that after the migration, you now log into your Nest app using your Google account. Additionally, your Nest products can now be fully integrated with Google’s other smarthome products.

Click “Done” to go back to the Nest homescreen.

Your Nest account has now been migrated to Google. When you log into your account in the future, you will need to authenticate with your Google username and password.

Don’t forget, Amazon’s integrations should still work with your Nest products, but other third-party services like IFTTT might be broken. Check in the Google Home app to see if there are any integrations available for your Nest products.

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