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Grandparents may be able to bake a pie that’s out of this world, but it’s no secret the older generation sometimes struggles with technology. With photos moving digital, how can you share them with relatives? Here are some suggestions.

Google Nest Hub

If you’re feeling like an extra sweet grandchild, you can buy your grandma or grandpa what ReviewGeek has dubbed 2018’s product of the year—the Google Nest Hub (previously called the Google Home Hub).

Jason Fitzpatrick, Founding Editor of Review Geek, loved this product so much he called its Ambient Mode the “Best Picture Frame Ever.”

The nice thing about the Nest Hub is it’s not just a digital photo frame—it’s a device that could add a little extra functionality into your grandparent’s life (with a little learning curve, of course).

When the Nest Hub isn’t actively being used, it can be set to display photographs. What’s even nicer is you can sync it with your Google Photos albums, allowing you to add or remove photos for your grandma or grandpa from anywhere in the world.

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On another note, this method works only for relatives who have an internet connection. If they don’t, then you might want to look at other options, such as a digital photo frame.

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frame with Photos and Camera
Khomulo Anna/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for just a digital photo frame without all of the additional functionality the Google Nest Hub has to offer, then you’re in luck. Although most digital photo frames aren’t internet-connected, most include a USB port or SD card slot. You can use these ports to add or remove photos whenever you go for a visit.

With so many digital photo frames out there, it might be hard to determine which one you’d like to get for your family members. Luckily, we’ve done the work of sifting through the different digital frames on the market, so be sure to check out the best digital picture frames currently available.

Sharing Online Photo Albums

For the grandmas and grandpas who sport an internet connection, you could also set them up with a Google account and share your online photo album with them via Google Photos. What’s nice is that with Google Photos, you can add up to 20,000 photos and videos to a single album.

Carol King and her grandson

Setting up the album is easy. Once you’ve logged in to Google Photos, select “Albums” on the left side.

Select albums

Next, select the “Create Album” button.

Create Album

You’ll then be asked to give the album a name and add photos/videos. Go ahead and do so. After you’ve added the photos to the album, it’s time to share.

Hover over the album and click the three vertical dots that appear in the top-right corner.

Three vertical dots

A menu will appear. Here, select the “Share Album” option.

Share Google Photos Album

All that’s left to do is to enter your grandparent’s email address and click send. Once your grandma or grandpa logs into their Google Photos account on a PC (or if they have a smartphone, the Google Photos app), they’ll be able to browse through the photos and videos shared with them.

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Burn a Slideshow to a DVD on Windows 10

This might seem a bit archaic given that it’s 2019, but it’s still a pretty solid option. If your relatives have a computer or DVD player, you can create a nice little slideshow of all your photos, package it up, and burn it to a DVD. To do this, you’ll need either a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Before continuing, you’ll need to make sure you have  DVD authoring software for burning the DVD. We recommend using Wondershare DVD Creator for the purpose of creating a slideshow.

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With the software installed, go ahead and open it. In the bottom-left corner of the window, select the “Add Title” button.

Save title

Window’s File Explorer will open. Select the images you would like to add to the slideshow and then select the “Open ” button.

Select and insert photos

Next, hover over the slideshow option (which appears after you open your images) and then select the “Edit” option that looks like a pen icon.

In the Edit window, you can add and format text, change the slide transition length and give it a slick animation, and add music. Give it your special touch and then select the “OK” button.

Finally, it’s time to burn the slideshow to the DVD. Select “Burn” at the top of the window.

Read through the information that appears, then click “Burn” again. Once selected, the burning process will begin.

Burning DVD

Now, next Thanksgiving when the family gathers at your grandparents’ house, they’ll be sure to have the video playing in the background for everyone to see.

Burn a Slideshow from Photos on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, you’re in luck. With Mac’s Photo app, you can create a slideshow, save it as a video file, and then burn it to a DVD just like we did in the Windows walkthrough.

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To create a slideshow in Photos, open the app, select the “+” icon next to “My Projects,” hover over “Slideshow” in the menu, and then select the “Photos” app.

mac slideshow photos

In the window that appears, name your slideshow, and then select the “OK” button.

save grannys slideshow on mac

Next, select the images you’d like to add to the slideshow. Click “Add” in the top-right corner of the window.

Now you need to save the slideshow as a video file. To do this, select the “File” tab, hover over the “Export” option, and select the “Export Slideshow” button.

Save slideshow mac

In the next window, select the options you want, and then click “Save.”

save as video format mac

All you need to do next is burn the DVD. You can use the same software we recommended in the previous step, as it’s also available for Mac.

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Print and Snail Mail

Finally, if you want to make that digital photo into something your grandma can safely archive inside an old shoebox, you can always print the images and mail them. The good news is you can do it all online.

Sites like Snapfish make it incredibly easy to upload photos from your PC, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, etc., select the size you want, and then have them shipped out.

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