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A combo chart in Excel displays two chart types (such as column and line) on the same chart. They are used to show different types of information on a single chart, such as actuals against a target.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to make a combo chart that follows the same axis and one that displays mixed types of data in a single chart on a different axis.

Insert a Combo Chart with a Single Axis

In the first example, we will create a combo chart to show monthly revenue against a target using the sample data below.

Sample data for the single axis combo chart

You can see that the target value is the same each month. The result will show the data as a straight line.

To get started, select the range of cells you want to chart—A1:C13 in this example. Next, click Insert > Insert Combo Chart. Select “Clustered Column – Line.”

Insert a Clustered Column - Line chart

The combo chart is inserted with both the column and line using the same axis. Easy as that!

Combo chart on a single axis inserted

You can make further improvements to the chart now, like changing the chart title. Click on the chart title box and start typing to replace the words “Chart Title” with something more useful. As you type, the text will appear in the formula bar above.

Change the chart title to something descriptive

Press the Enter key, and Excel saves the typed text as the chart title.

Combo chart with title

Insert a Combo Chart with Two Axes

Using the sample data shown below, let’s create a combo chart to show the monthly revenue and the ad budget on the same chart.

Sample data for a two axis combo chart

Select range A1:C13. Click Insert > Combo Chart. Choose the “Clustered Column – Line on Secondary Axis” chart.

Insert Combo chart

The inserted chart looks like this.

Combo chart with mixed data types

Change an Existing Chart to a Combo Chart

We have looked at two examples of creating a combo chart from spreadsheet data, but knowing how to edit an existing chart can also be useful.

Below is a clustered column chart created from the revenue and ad budget data.

Clustered column chart that needs changing

The chart has one axis, and you can barely see the ad budget columns on the chart. Let’s change this to a combo chart by creating a secondary axis for the ad budget data and changing its chart type to a line.

To begin, right-click on the data series you want to change (ad budget in this example). Next, select “Change Series Chart Type.”

Change the chart type of a data series

Now, check the “Secondary Axis” box for the data series you want to create an axis for. Select Line from the “Chart Type” list for that data series.

Change chart type dialog

The chart is changed to a combo chart.

Combo chart from clustered column completed

You can then make other improvements to the combo chart, such as editing the chart title or labeling the axis.

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