Many people these days shoot videos in Ultra HD with mobiles or 4K action cameras like GoPro. Action cameras are great for capturing sports and traveling experiences as they are lightweight, can go up to 4K ultra HD @ 60fps.

But the question is what you can do with these clips? Share it on your social media profiles? Or upload to YouTube? No! It is not good enough to be shared on your social profiles or on your YouTube because these Ultra HD footages might be shaky and need software processing to make it the best clip possible.

Don’t worry you won’t be a computer nerd to do this post-editing of your videos. You just need the correct software to do all these things for you. Digiarty’s VideoProc will let everyone get rid of their shaky footages and do some editing and processing in a very simple way.

We will discuss this VideoProc in a bit: why use it for video processing. But before that, we’d like to call your attention to the company’s Giveaway Event in May.

Simply visit the giveaway page and you’ll see the following campaign.


Licensed VideoProc (GPU accelerated video processing software, each worth $78.90)


1 X GoPro HERO7 Black (worth $399)

3 X GoPro HERO7 Silver (each worth $299)

1 X DJI OSMO Action (worth $349)

OSMO Action is new action camera released by DJI on May 15, 2019. Read more on DJI OSMO Action vs GoPro Hero 7 >


If you closely look at the competition of VideoProc there is no other software which offers all features in a simpler and intuitive way. It has some great features like:

  • With VideoProc you can convert, trim, crop, merge videos of your wish. Also, you can reframe the video into 30/60/20/240 fps which comes in handy in many places. Adding watermark, taking high-quality screenshots or making gifs only take a matter of seconds.
  • VideoProc can easily handle 4K or even 8K videos from your cameras like an ease. Thanks to the fully optimized hardware acceleration which makes this process possible. VideoProc comes with full GPU acceleration which speeds up “video decode -> process -> encode” for editing, resizing and converting.

  • Now comes to the fixing part, VideoProc comes with powerful tools which will remove all the shakiness from your 4K videos with a couple of clicks. Also, you can do denoise, mirror 3d to 2d videos, adding effects to the clips, make time-lapse or slow-mo videos and what not?
  • One of the killer features of this VideoProc is the ability to compress videos size without any lack of quality. It reduces 60% of the size of the video. This is definitely not a simple task.

After knowing all these features, it is a no brainer for you to select VideoProc over the competition. You can grab a free license code here.


Step 1: Go to the event page.

Step 2. Enter a valid Email address for receiving winner notification, and click JOIN UP. Try to earn extra entries as many as possible according to the rules.

Tips: submitting a valid Email address will get 1 entry, sharing this event to Facebook or Twitter will add 3 entries, and rating features of VideoProc will earn 5 more entries.

Step 3. Wait for the announcement of winners. The GoPro HERO7 Silver will be announced on or about May 28. The GoPro HERO7 Black and DJI OSMO Action will be announced on or about June 4. The VideoProc full license giveaway will expire on that day, too.