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Data trends change over time. As such, you may need to edit or remove data from a chart in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to reflect those changes. Doing so is a reasonably straightforward process. Here’s how to do it.

Editing and Removing Data from a PowerPoint Chart

Open PowerPoint and head over to the slide that contains the chart or graph. Once there, select the chart.

select chart

Now, right-click the chart. From the context menu that appears, select the “Edit Data” command.

Edit data

A small spreadsheet will appear. Here, you can select the cell that contains the data you would like to edit and then type whatever new value you want in your chart.

The graphic will adjust accordingly. If you want to completely remove data from the chart, select the row that contains the data, right-click the row header, and then select the “Delete” command from the context menu.

Delete data

The data will then be removed from the chart.

removed data

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