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We’ve previously covered how to show your live Google Calendar in Outlook, but what if you just want to share a static snapshot of your calendar with someone? There’s a way to do that too.

Sharing a static snapshot can be useful if you want to share your Google Calendar with a colleague—or with your own work calendar so you can see it—but your company policies don’t allow you to synchronize with a live, non-corporate calendar. It’s also useful if you’re going to be somewhere with intermittent Wi-Fi for a while and you want to see your calendar even when you’re offline.

To share a static snapshot, you need to export your calendar and import it into another calendar program.

How to Export a Google Calendar

Exporting a Google Calendar is pretty simple, so start by logging into to your Google account and heading to Calendar. Once you’re there, find the calendar you want to share and hover over it to show the three dots.

The calendar options

Click the three dots and on the menu that appears, click “Settings and sharing.”

The "Settings and sharing" options

Near the top of the settings, find the “Export calendar” button and click it.

The "Export calendar" button

This downloads a copy of your calendar inside a ZIP file. Depending on your browser and settings, you might be asked if you want to open or save the ZIP file. For now, save the file to your computer.

How to Import a Google Calendar

Your exported Google Calendar is in ICS format, which is a standard open iCalendar format that almost every calendar app can open. You’ll need to export the ICS file from the ZIP file that you exported earlier to access it.

Importing to a Mail App Like Outlook or Apple Mail

If you want to import your calendar into an application on your computer, double click the ICS file. Your default calendar application— usually Windows Mail or Outlook on a Windows machine; Apple Mail on a Mac—will automatically open and import the data for you to view as an additional calendar.

The imported calendar

Congratulations, you’re finished.

Removing the calendar when you don’t need it anymore is also easy. The method differs slightly depending on your mail app, but as an example, in Outlook right-click the calendar and select “Delete calendar.”

Outlook's "Delete calendar" option

Importing into a Web App Like Another Google Calendar

If you want to import your calendar into a web app, like another Google Calendar, you’ll need to import it manually. Log into the Google account you want to import the calendar into, and head to Calendar.

In the list of calendars on the left-hand side, click the plus sign next to “Other calendars.”

The "Other calendars" plus sign

In the menu that pops up, click the “Import” option.

The Import option

At the top of the page that opens, you’ll have the option to import a file. Select the ICS file you downloaded earlier and then click the “Import” button.

The file selector and Import button

Unlike importing into an app on your computer, importing into Google Calendar will add the events in the file to your calendar. This means that you can’t just delete the imported calendar; the only way to remove it is to delete the events individually.

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