While the Contacts app on macOS is good at being your phone book, it’s also useful for keeping track of detailed personal info and connections. Here’s how to add someone new to your list.

How to Add Contacts on macOS

Open the Contacts app on your Mac from the Dock, your Applications folder, or by searching for it with Command+Space.

macOS Contacts

You’ll see a list of all of your Contacts. Click on any one of them, and press the + button at the bottom to add a new contact.

macOS add new contact

You can also add contacts with the hotkey Command+N, for “new.”

You’ll see a form which you can fill out with all the contact info you have. First is the name, separated into first and last, though the last name is optional.

new contact form

Further down the list, you’ll find the contacts card is quite thorough, giving you options for birthday, address, and even multiline personal notes about them. You don’t have to fill these all out; you can add a contact with just a phone or email.

Under the name at the top, there’s an option for the contact’s place of work. If the contact is a business, you can check the “Company” box to flip these two options around.

Company contact option

You can still add a personal name, but the business name will be what shows up in the contact list.

How to Add Contact Groups

The Contacts app has groups for organization. You can add a contact group the same way you’d add contacts, but by selecting “New Group” from the dropdown.

new contact group

You can also use the hotkey Shift+Command+N to add groups. Groups will show up in the sidebar, and you can add an existing contact to the group by dragging the contact over it.

contact group pane

You can rename groups by highlighting them and pressing Enter, and you can delete them by highlighting them and pressing Delete.

How to Sync Contacts With iCloud

icloud settings

Contacts should sync with iCloud automatically so long as you are signed in to your iCloud account and have it enabled in the settings. To make sure it’s on, open up the System Preferences from the Dock or your applications folder, and click the “iCloud” settings. If you’re signed in, make sure “Contacts” is checked.

For everything to sync properly, you’ll need to sign in on your iPhone and any other connected device and make sure you’ve enabled iCloud on those as well. New contacts you add or edit on your phone or Mac will sync between the two.

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