Good morning! A bunch of stuff happened this morning, with Apple quietly announcing new AirPods, Google’s solution for its EU Android woes, some interesting takes on Google Stadia, and more. Here’s your morning briefing for March 20th, 2019.

Apple News

Apple has been on a slow roll of announcing devices updates every day this week, and today is no different—new AirPods are here!

  • The second generation AirPods have a wireless charging case, better battery life, and support for Hey Siri. That’s pretty much what everyone wanted, right? [Review Geek]

Google and Android News

The big news here is actually from yesterday: Google Stadia. Here’s a roundup of related information and interesting takes regarding this new game streaming platform. Oh, there’s some non-Stadia stuff in here too.

  • Google announced Stadia, and it is wild. [Review Geek]
  • It also released a nice little four-minute recap of the announcement if you want to get the gist without watching the full one-hour presentation. [9to5Google]
  • There’s a partner program for Stadia, offering free hardware and resources to help game developers get started with Stadia. Good, good. [9to5Google]
  • The Verge has some interesting thoughts on what Stadia means for the future of gaming. This could very easily be the first real model of what’s to come. [The Verge]
  • Similarly, our own Michael Crider talked Stadia and what it needs to succeed. It’s a great read. You can find it in your feed. I hope I don’t have to plead. Okay, I’m done (and sorry). [Review Geek]
  • While most details were scant (catalog, internet speed, price), Google told Kotaku that Project Stream—Stadia’s test phase—needed “at least a 25 Mbps connection” to run games at 1080p. Curious. [Kotaku]
  • In other news, Google is going to implement a browser and search ballot in Android devices in the EU. [Ars Technica]
  • Like the Google Doodle? Good, because it might be coming to your Android home screen. Cute. [Android Police]
  • Opera for Android now has a free, built-in VPN. Surf safely, my friends. [9to5Google]

Other News

NVIDIA is going to make you a great artist, Pandora offers more ways to find music, and more.

  • NVIDIA showed off tech that takes MS Paint drawings and turns them into some legit Bob Ross stuff. Dude. [Engadget]
  • Pandora now gives you five options for finding new tunes. Dig it. [Engadget]
  • Netflix’s new series “Battle Kitty” is an interactive show for kids. Because they don’t already watch enough TV. [Netflix]
  • Speaking of, the first trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 is here. Because we don’t already watch enough TV. [YouTube]
  • Amazon announced a new Kindle with an adjustable front light. And higher price tag. [Amazon]
  • In less happy news, a bunch of people got scammed because of a fake eBay ad in Google Search last week. Oof. [Bleeping Computer]
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