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Adding images and SmartArt to compliment the content of your presentation is one of the key factors in making it successful. PowerPoint, with its large inventory of image-manipulating features, allows you to flip and rotate images, ensuring your PowerPoint is set up exactly as you’ve intended.

Flipping an Image in PowerPoint

Go ahead an open your PowerPoint presentation and head to the slide that contains the image to be flipped. Once there, select the image.

The Geek

Once selected, a new “Format” tab will appear. Select that tab and then click the “Rotate” button.

rotate in format tab

A dropdown menu with a few options will appear. Here, select “Flip Horizontal.”

flip horizontally

You’ll now notice your image has, as expected, flipped horizontally.

flipped image

As with many Office applications, though, there’s a quicker way to flip your image. Go ahead and select the image. Click and hold the bullet in the top-right corner, then drag left.

The same can also be done for rotating images by selecting the arrow at the top of the image and moving your cursor to the desired position.

Create the perfect presentation by taking advantage of these PowerPoint features.

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