WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones, but you don’t want to lose all the conversations when you change phones. It’s super easy to back up your messages right from WhatsApp. Here’s the skinny.

Start by opening WhatsApp, and then tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right.

WhatsApp's main page

Tap “Settings.”

WhatsApp's menu

Select “Chats.”

WhatsApp's Settings screen

Tap “Chat backup.”

The Chats screen

Tap “Back up to Google Drive.” Select how often you’d like the chats backed up.

How often the automatic backup can run

Tap your Google account.

Selecting the Google account you want to back the messages up to

Tap “Allow” on the Google Drive prompt.

Allowing WhatsApp to access your Google Drive

Tap the green “BACK UP” button to back your chats up immediately. After that, your messages will back up on the schedule you set.

We have our Google account set, so we just need to hit BACK UP

How To Restore Your WhatsApp Messages From Google Drive

When it comes time to set up your new phone, open WhatsApp. Enter your phone number to sign in.

Setting WhatsApp up again

Verify your phone number with an SMS message.

Select “Continue” to see the permission prompts for contacts and storage.

Let WhatsApp view your contacts and files

Tap the green “Restore” button.

The restore screen

WhatsApp will show the backup it finds, the total size, and the number of messages that will be restored. Tap the green”Next” button.

I cherish all three of my messages

Continue setting up WhatsApp, and you’ll see your old messages. Then, pick up your conversations right where you left off!

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