Google Clock Alarm with Google Assistant Routine

If your Android phone is your alarm clock, you can make it a lot smarter. Google’s Clock app now has Google Assistant-powered routines that can control your smarthome or play audio of choice when you wake up in the morning.

Get Routines Without A Google Home

Perhaps the most significant problem with alarms is that they are easy to snooze—multiple times. And before you know it, you’re running late, skipping breakfast, and hoping for a string of green lights so you won’t be late for work for the fifth day this week.

Smarthome routines can help with that problem; in fact, automation is still the real superpower of smarthomes. With a morning routine, a voice assistant can greet you, turn on the lights, raise the shades, and start reading the news, or playing music. Even if you snooze the alarm, the blaring lights and music will help you wake up.

But if you don’t own a Google Home, Lenovo Smart Clock, or Amazon Echo—or you don’t want such a device in your bedroom—then you’ll lose out on any of the audio portions of the routine. If you’re on Android, you can run routines without a Google Home in your bedroom thanks to an update in the Google Clock’s alarm feature. And it’s fairly straightforward to use.

Unfortunately, this feature is part of the Google Clock app, which isn’t available on the iPhone. You need an Android phone to do this.

How to Add Routines to Your Google Clock Alarms

To add a routine, open the Google Clock app and tap “Alarms” at the top of the screen.

Google Clock app with arrow pointing to alarm option

If you have an existing alarm you’d like to use, tap its down arrow. Otherwise, tap the plus symbol to create a new alarm.

Google Alarm with arrows pointing to down arrow and plus symbol

Either way, you should see an option called “Google Assistant Routine” now. Tap the “+” button to the right of “Google Assistant” routine to add a routine to that particular alarm.

If you don’t see this option, you must set up Google Assistant in the Google Search. Skip to the next section and follow the setup instructions.

Tap the “Set Up Routine” button.

Use the options on the screen to tell Google Assistant what you want. Check whichever options you like, such as “Adjust lights, plugs, and more,” “Adjust thermostat,” “Tell me about the weather” or “Tell me today’s reminders.” You can also tap the “Change Order” option to determine the order of events, for instance, to make the commute information read before the weather.

When Google Assistant is finished, it will play news, podcasts, an audiobook, or nothing. Tap an option under “And then play” to select your preference.

If you regularly silence your phone, you should also check the top “Adjust media volume” option, or you may not hear anything because your phone is muted.

Tap the check mark at the upper right corner of the screen when you’re done.

Google Assistant routines options in Android's Clock app

Tap “Allow” to give Google Assistant access to your lock screen. This lets Assistant play your routine even while your phone is locked.

Google App prompt with Allow option call out

You’re all set! When you are alarm goes off, everything will start as you’re used to. But, when you dismiss the alarm, your routine will kick in.

If you don’t hear anything, your phone’s media volume is probably silenced. Change the routine and enable the “Adjust Media Volume” option to prevent this issue.

How to Enable Google Assistant Routines in Clock

If you don’t see the option in the Clock app, follow these instructions to enable it.

Open Google Search, and if prompted tap yes to set up Google Assistant. If you don’t see that prompt, tap  “More” and then tap “Settings.”

Google Search app with arrows pointing to More and Settings

Tap “Google Assistant” on the Settings screen.

Google Search Settings with Google Assistant call out

Tap the “Assistant” tab, scroll down, and tap “Phone” under “Assistant devices.”

Google Search App with arrows pointing to Assistant and Phone option

Enable the “Google Assistant” option by tapping its toggle.

Google Search app with arrow pointing to Google Assistant toggle

Follow any prompts to finish setting up Google Assistant. When you’re done, head back to the Alarm app and set up your routines.

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