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Sometimes, you want to add data from a Google Sheet into a Google Doc or Slide. Although you can’t directly insert cells and rows from Sheets, you can create a table, chart, or slide, and then insert that into your Doc or Slide.

Note: We will be using Google Docs in these examples but inserting a chart into Slides works virtually the same way.

First, you’ll need to generate a chart in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can do this by firing up your Google Sheets homepage and opening a new or existing spreadsheet.

After inputting some data and storing it in a spreadsheet, select all the cells and click Insert > Chart. Choose a chart type, make any adjustments, and do any final customizations, then close Sheets–don’t worry, Google saves after every step. We’ve got an article about generating charts in Sheets if you want to learn more.

Open a Spreadsheet

After you’ve created a chart in Google Sheets, fire up Google Docs and open a new or existing document to insert your chart. Click “Insert,” point to “Chart,” and then click on “From Sheets.”

Insert a Chart from Google Sheets

From the list of available spreadsheets, select the one you want to use and then click “Select.”

Select a Spreadsheet

The next window lists any charts on that sheet that are available for import. Click one and then click “Import.”

Select a Chart to Insert

You also have another option here. See that “Link to Spreadsheet” checkbox in the screenshot above? If you enable it, the chart in your Doc or Slide is linked to the original chart in your Sheet. Make changes on your sheet, and you’ll see the chart in your Doc or Slide automatically updated to reflect those changes. Disable that checkbox if you don’t want that to happen; in that case, the chart is sort of frozen in time in your slide or sheet. If you want to update it, you’ll need to reinsert it.

If you do leave the link option enabled, at any time, you can click “Update” to sync the data in the chart or table with your Sheets document.

Update the Chart

Because these charts save as images, one funny quirk when using the insert feature is that if the original isn’t scaled or appropriately sized to see all data, some data points could become cut-off when updating it.

Example of Cut-off Text

Voila! Your Google Sheets data is now inserted into your Google Doc.

Chart Insertion Complete

If for some reason you don’t like your chart updating and linking to your Sheets document anymore, click a chart, then click on the chain icon, then again on “Unlink” to remove the linking feature.

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Unlink a Chart from Sheets

This disables the ability to make changes on Sheets and have them automatically appear inside your document without re-inserting it. If you want an updated chart or want to establish the link again, you have to repeat the steps from above all over again.

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