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Misplacing an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch can be infuriating, especially if you’re sure it’s around here somewhere, but just can’t put your hands on it. If you have Find my iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch active, ask Siri to find it for you.

You’re probably already aware that you can find an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch by using the Find my iPhone app, but there’s an altogether cooler, more friction-free way of doing it. Asking Siri to “find my iPhone” or other device is a quick way to do exactly that, and Siri can even initiate a ping to the missing device, making it easier for you to find it.

Things get even better if you own a HomePod, too, because you can ask it to do everything just as you would any other Siri-toting device. There’s something magical about shouting at a HomePod and having your iPhone ping like crazy from behind the sofa cushion.

How to Find a Lost iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with Siri

For any of this to work, you’ll need to have enabled Find my iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch during setup. Assuming you did, here’s how to find any of those devices using your voice, thanks to Siri.

To get the ball rolling, invoke Siri the way you normally would and then ask it to “Find my x” and replace x with the device for which you’re looking.

  • “Find my iPhone.”
  • “Find my iPad.”
  • “Find my Apple Watch.”

Say "Yes" to initiate a ping.

If you have multiple devices, like two iPads for example, Siri will ask you to confirm which one you want to locate. If you have multiple family members, you can even ask Siri to find their device too. Simply add their name to the request; “Find Rachel’s iPhone” will have Siri do exactly that.

Say "Yes" to initiate a ping.

Once Siri has identified the device you wish to locate, it will ask you want to play a sound from it. Reply with a “Yes” to initiate the ping.

Once the ping has started, your device will start to make a sound. This will continue until it is canceled on the device itself, or eventually times out.

Tap "OK" to dismiss ping.

Of course, if you’re sure your lost device is somewhere nearby and you have Siri set to respond to a voice command, you could also try talking to her directly. Just say something like “Hey Siri, tell me a joke” so she starts making noise.

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