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Part of PowerPoint’s charm is being able to give objects such as images, shapes, and text boxes animations, making your presentation more interactive and engaging. When animating text boxes, you can animate all the text in the box at once, or you can animate characters individually.

Animating Characters in PowerPoint

When you select a text box and give it an animation, PowerPoint treats the text box (and all contents inside) as a single object by default.

If you want to give each character a different type of animation, you’ll have to highlight each character individually and then assign the animation to it. However, if you want all of the characters or words to have the same animation, and you just want to initiate or time the animation separately, there’s an easier way.

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In your PowerPoint presentation, select the text and then choose the animation you want to assign. To do so, move over to the “Animations” tab and select your desired animation in the “Animation” group. In this example, we will use the “Fly In” option.

Fly In animation

Next, head over to the “Advanced Animation” group and select “Animation Pane.”

Animation Pane

A pane will appear on the right-hand side. Find the animation effect assigned to the text box and double-click it.

Effect in animation pane

A window will appear, giving you several advanced options for the animation. On the “Effect” tab, click the “Animate text” drop-down menu. Here, you can choose whether you want to animate by word or letter. Make your choice and then click “OK.”

By letter

Now you’ll see a preview of the animation take place. Notice that each character (or word) executes the animation individually. Repeat these steps as often as required for your presentation.

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