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Ever been copied into an irrelevant email thread that clutters up your inbox and causes alerts to come up for a conversation you couldn’t care less about? Here’s how to ignore that thread so that you never see it again.

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Start by selecting any message from the thread. On the “Home” menu, click the “Ignore” button.

You can also right-click the message and select “Ignore” from the context menu, or open the mail and click Message > Ignore. Whichever method you choose, Outlook will show you a confirmation window.

Click “Ignore Conversation” to move all of the mails in the conversation to the Deleted Items folder. Any future messages in the conversation will also be transferred straight to the Deleted Items folder, without triggering new message alerts

And if you’d rather not outright delete all emails from the conversation, but still don’t want to be bothered with them when they come in, you can do that, too. Just set up a rule that marks those messages as read and moves them from your inbox to some other folder as soon as they come in.

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