The way iOS handles notifications has always been less than ideal, but iOS 12 goes some way to improving matters. Part of that is the new ability to change how notifications are handled, right from within the Notification Center.

With the arrival of iOS 12, Apple made it possible for people to receive a notification, decide that they don’t want ever to have to see it again, and then make that happen all without going spelunking into the often confusing world of the Settings app. That’s a great improvement for usability and one that hopefully means developers will think twice before spamming their users with notifications.

Managing notifications from the Notification Center is a great way of making sure you never see that irritating game’s request for your time again. That’s almost worth the upgrade to iOS 12 alone. Once you’ve done that and received one-too-many irritating notifications, instead of dismissing it, swipe left on it.

You’ll see three options, and the one to tap is “Manage.”

Next, you’ll see four options.

  • Delivery Quietly: This option will allow the notifications to arrive, but they will not play any sounds, display banners or badge icons, or appear on the Lock screen.
  • Turn Off: This option does exactly what it sounds like, turning off all notifications for the app in question.
  • Settings: This will take you to the more granular notification options within the Settings app. Here, you can change how notifications are displayed and which sound they make when they arrive.
  • Cancel: This button cancels the dialog and returns you to the Notification Center.

The pertinent option here is the first one because it allows people to continue to receive notifications that may not be important, but might also be worth seeing. Game notifications are a great example of such notifications, so if you’d rather not have an audible notification but are fearful of missing out on something, this is the option for you.

This feature alone makes iOS 12’s notifications much more manageable, allowing users to remove notifications from their lives at the point where the rubber meets the road rather than being put off by the thought of delving into Settings.

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