It doesn’t matter how great the reviews of an app or game are; there’s always the chance that you’ll buy it, download it, and be underwhelmed. Maybe it doesn’t work as you’d hoped or even worse, doesn’t work at all. That’s when you request a refund.

Nobody enjoys asking for a refund, but nobody likes paying for a sub-par app or service, either. That’s why requesting a refund is sometimes unavoidable.

When requesting a refund from the Google Play Store, things can be a little tricky. Google doesn’t always give refunds for Google Play purchases, but in our experience, if you ask for an app or in-app purchase to be refunded within 48 hours of making the purchase, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

If you’re particularly quick and uninstall an app shortly after buying it, you may find that you automatically get a refund. If that does not happen, follow the process below. You have 48 hours from the time of purchase to ask for a refund–beyond that, Google may require that you contact individual developers instead.

Assuming you’re within the 48-hour window, here is the process you can follow to request a refund from the Google Play Store.

To start things off, open a web browser and visit your Google Play account page. This is the same whether you are using a phone or computer.

Scroll down until you see your order history and find the app that you wish to have refunded. To the right of the item, you will see three vertical dots. Click those dots, followed by “Request a refund.”

You will now see a new window appear. In the drop-down menu, you will see some potential reasons for requesting a refund. Select the one most relevant to your situation.

  • I purchased this by accident
  • I no longer want this purchase
  • Purchase was made by friend or family member without consent
  • I don’t recognize this purchase or charge
  • I purchased this but didn’t receive it
  • Purchase is defective or doesn’t work as advertised

Depending on the option you choose, Google will display additional text offering advice. None of these prevent you from progressing with the request, so enter a brief description of the reason you require a refund and click the “Submit” button.

Once a request for a refund has bee submitted you should receive an email with Google’s response. This normally arrives within 15 minutes, although it can take longer.

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