For many people, reading is less of a hobby and more of a passion. Here are some of the best websites for the book lover in all of us.

Goodreads: Connect with Other Book Lovers

People often describe Goodreads as a social network for book lovers, but that’s selling it a bit short. With close to 80 million members, you can certainly find other people to connect with to discuss your favorite books, read their reviews, follow what they’re reading, and so on. It’s kind of like having a book club, but you don’t have to meet in person once per month to eat terrible snacks and listen to people talk about everything but books.

Goodreads also lets you keep your own “shelf” where you can track books you’ve read or want to read. It also lets you browse books by category and even offers it’s own “choice awards” for helping you find great books on any topic.

FictFact: Track Your Book Series

If you read book series (especially those long crime or adventure series that can span dozens of books) or you’re looking at starting a series, you know the pain of figuring out the order in which you should read the books. They’re usually not numbered on the covers, and most booksellers (including Amazon) do a poor job of showing you the order. You’re then left scouring publication dates and trying to piece things together.

That’s where FictFact comes in. It’s a free site where you can plug in any title, author, series name, or keyword and then find a list of all the books in the series, presented in their reading order. Sign up for a free account, and you can follow as many series as you want. You can also mark individual books as to be read, reading, read, or skipped.

What Should I Read Next: Find Your Next Book

If you’re an avid reader, you know the empty feeling you get after finishing a good book. To avoid that feeling, you can try visiting What Should I Read Next.

The site does exactly what its name suggests, which is recommend books based on what you just read. Type in the name of any book (or author) you like, and the site will recommend plenty of books you might enjoy reading next.

Book Riot: Read Book Reviews, News, and More

Book Riot is a huge publication dedicated to books and the pleasures they offer. Their motto is: “writing about books and reading should be as diverse as books and readers are.”

Book Riot publishes book reviews and top-10 lists, recommends books, has their own podcast about books, and sells books on their online store as well. No matter how voracious your reading appetite, you’ll enjoy spending time on Bookriot.

PaperBackSwap: Trade Your Used Books

PaperBackSwap is a book-swappers club. If you have a bunch of physical books lying around that you’d like to exchange for some other books, then it’s the ideal website to do so.

The website is free. All you have to do is sign-up and list the books you’d like to swap. If another member requests one of your books, you ship it to them. For each book you ship, you can request one book from PaperBackSwap’s catalog of books other people have listed, which contains over 1.5 million books.

You pay the shipping costs of books you send; books you receive are free.

Google Book Search: Search Obscure Titles

Google aims to organize the world’s information and with the Google Book Search project, they’ve taken their mission to books as well.

Google’s Book Search lets you search millions of books with the power of Google. You can enter phrases, book titles, or author names and Google will fetch the list of books that match your query. If the book is copyright-free or in the public domain, you’ll be able to read the entire book. If not, you’ll be able to access snippets of the book alongside the list of retailers or online stores that carry the book for sale.

Image Credit: GDimitry/Shutterstock