For some reason, we as humans have this twice-a-year ritual where we change all of the clocks around us. Fortunately, with most of our clocks connected to the Internet, the hassle of having to change the time manually is a thing of the past.

Still, it never hurts to make sure your gadget will change the time. Your internal clock will still need a week or so to adjust, but your phone or computer’s clock has probably started to replace the wall clock you’ve had in your home or office. You don’t want to have your alarm go off at the wrong time, and you don’t want to have to rush to a meeting that doesn’t start for another hour.

How to Adjust for DST on Windows

On your Windows device, open the Settings app.

Then select “Time & Language.”

Lastly, make sure the switch next to “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically” is toggled on.

If this option is grayed out, that’s because the “Set time zone automatically” option is enabled. Windows will always automatically adjust for DST when this option is enabled.

That’s it!

How to Adjust for DST on macOS

On your MacBook or iMac, open the System Preferences app. Select “Date & Time.”


Make sure “Set time zone automatically using current location” is selected.

How to Adjust for DST on iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app. Then select “General.”

Next, open “Date & Time.”

Make sure the switch next to “Set Automatically” is toggled on.

If you’re using an Apple Watch, it will automatically adjust according to your iPhone.

How to Adjust for DST on Android

On your Android smartphone or tablet, open the Settings app. Open “System.”

Then open “Date & time.”

Make sure the switches next to “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone” are selected.


If you’re using one of Samsung’s phones, the settings menus are labeled slightly differently. Open the Settings app, then scroll down and select “General management.”

Tap “Date and time,” then make sure the switch next to “Automatic date and time” is selected.

How to Adjust for DST on Chrome OS

On your Chromebook or Chromebox, open the Settings app. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Advanced.”

Under “Date and time,” select “Time zone.”

Make sure the bubble next to “Set automatically” is selected.

How to Adjust for DST on Xbox One

On your Xbox One, open the Settings app.

Select “System,” then select “Time.”

Make sure the box next to “Automatically adjust for daylight saving” is checked.

You’re all set!

How to Adjust for DST on PlayStation 4

On your PS4, open the Settings app.

Scroll down and select “Date and Time.”

Make sure the box next to “Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically” is selected.

You’re ready!

How to Adjust for DST on Apple TV

On your Apple TV, open the Settings app. Select “General,” then under “Date and Time” select “Set Automatically.”


If you haven’t already, you’ll need to turn on location services on the next screen so the Apple TV knows your current time zone.

Then you’re all done! Your Apple TV will change time automatically.

How to Adjust for DST on Roku

On your Roku streaming device or smart TV, open the Settings menu.

Then select “System” and “About.”

Click “Time zone.”

Select “Set automatically.”

You’re good to go!

How to Adjust for DST on Android TV

On your Android TV streaming box or smart TV, scroll up and select “Settings.”

Scroll down and select “Date & time.”

Then choose “Automatic date & time.”

Make sure “Use network-provided time” is selected.

Done and done.

How to Adjust for DST on Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV devices don’t let users turn off automatic switching for DST, so you don’t have to change it back.

Other Devices

Smart displays like the Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show will automatically pull the time from your Internet router, as will any other smart gadgets that you have connected to your WiFi network. Most routers will automatically update their clocks as well, so you shouldn’t have to log in to the router’s management screen.


Smartwatches, hybrid watches, and fitness bands will adjust their time based on your smartphone, so you should wake up and have the time adjusted for you. Again, you may be able to set the time from your watch’s companion app manually, but you shouldn’t need to.

Whatever device you’re using, you’ll probably find this option somewhere under its “Date & Time” settings.

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