Stardew Valley for iPhone and iPad lets you import save games from your PC or Mac. You can also transfer save games from your iPhone or iPad back to your PC or Mac, or between iPhones and iPads.

If you’ve used mods in Stardew Valley on PC, your save files will probably not work correctly. However, if you haven’t touched mods, they’ll work perfectly.

How to Find Your Stardew Valley Saves Folder

Your Stardew Valley save games are stored in a folder on your PC or Mac. On a Windows PC, you’ll find them at:


You can open this folder by launching File Explorer, pasting the address into the address bar, and then pressing Enter. Or, you can press Windows+R to open the Run dialog and enter the path there.

On a Mac, your save games are in the following location:


You can open this folder by launching Finder, clicking Go > Go to Folder (or pressing Command+Shift+G), pasting this path into the box, and then pressing Enter.

Each subfolder in the Saves folder represents a single character. The folder’s name begins with the name of your Stardew Valley character, followed by a random number. If you have multiple characters, you’ll see multiple separate folders—one for each character.

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How to Transfer Save Games Through iTunes

To transfer save games, you’ll need iTunes installed. On a Windows PC, download iTunes from Apple. On a Mac, it’s already included.

After installing iTunes, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with its included Lightning-to-USB cable. You’ll be prompted to let your computer access information on your device if this is the first time you’ve connected it to iTunes on this computer.

On your iPhone or iPad, you’ll have to unlock your device, so tap “Trust,” and enter your PIN to continue. If you’ve already trusted your PC or Mac in the past, you can skip this part, and the device will be immediately available in iTunes.

After it’s connected, click the device icon on the toolbar at the top left corner of the iTunes window.

Click “File Sharing” in the left pane and select “Stardew Valley” from the Apps list. Any Stardew Valley save files on your iPhone or iPad will appear in the “Stardew Valley Documents” section here.

How to Transfer a Save Game From PC to Mobile

To copy a character from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad, just drag and drop the entire character folder to the Stardew Valley Documents area in iTunes.

The character folder will appear under Stardew Valley Documents.

Click “Sync” to finish the process, copying the files to your iPhone or iPad.

You’re now done. When you launch Stardew Valley on your iPhone or iPad, you can tap “Load,” and you’ll see the saved game from your PC or Mac, which you can continue on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley on Linux, you’ll need to use a Windows PC or Mac to copy the files over. You could try messing with iTunes in Wine, but we haven’t tested it and wouldn’t recommend it.

How to Copy Save Games From Mobile to PC

You can also move save games from your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac. For example, you can create a new character on your iPad and play it on the go, and then transfer it to your PC. Or, you could copy a character from your PC to your iPhone, play for a while, and then transfer it back to your PC to continue.

To do this, launch the “Files” app on your iPhone or iPad, tap “On This iPhone” or “On This iPad,” and tap the “Stardew Valley” folder.

You’ll see a separate folder for each Stardew Valley character you have. You can get your save file off your device from here. For example, you could upload it to Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive via this app.


How to Move Your Stardew Valley Saves Between Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, Stardew Valley for iPhone or iPad doesn’t use iCloud to synchronize your save games. This is particularly disappointing because Stardew Valley on PC and Mac uses Steam Cloud to synchronize your save games. So, even if you’re playing Stardew Valley on a Windows PC and Mac, Steam keeps your save game synchronized between both.

If you’d like to move your Stardew Valley save games from one iPhone or iPad to another, you can do it via the Files app and iCloud.

First, open the Files app on the device that has your Stardew Valley saves. Browse to “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad.” You’ll see a “Stardew Valley” folder containing your game saves.

The Stardew Valley folder in Files on an iPhone.

Long-press the “Stardew Valley” folder and select “Copy.”

Long-press the "Stardew Valley" folder and tap "Copy."

Now, tap the “Browse” option at the top left corner of the screen and then tap “iCloud Drive.”

Long-press in an empty space in your iCloud Drive and tap “Paste.” Your iPhone or iPad will upload your game saves to iCloud Drive.

Long-press an empty space and tap "Paste."

On the device you want to move the save game files to, perform the steps in reverse.

First, open the Files app and browse to iCloud Drive. Long-press the “Stardew Valley” folder and tap “Copy.”

Next, browse to “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad.” Long-press in some empty space and tap “Paste.” The game saves will be downloaded from iCloud Drive to local storage, and the Stardew Valley app on your device will see and load normally.

Use iTunes to Get Saves Onto a Device

Update: The below steps are no longer necessary. We recommend using the Files app, as explained in the section above—it’s a much more convenient process.

You can also move save files between iPhones and iPads using the Files app and iTunes File Sharing. Just use the Files app to copy saves off your device, and then use iTunes to copy them back onto another device. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and drag and drop a character folder out of the Stardew Valley Documents section.

You can’t drag and drop saves from iTunes File Sharing to your PC or Mac’s storage, for some reason. You also can’t import saves onto an iPhone or iPad via the files app.

In other words, to get save files onto a device, you have to use iTunes. And, to get save files off of a device, you have to use the Files app.

You can’t do this in reverse. In other words, you can’t get save files off of a device using iTunes, and you can’t import them via the Files app. It’s really weird.

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