Christmas lights on a metal tree.

Looking for some last minute shopping for your favorite geek? We put a few holiday shopping items into the form of a song to show off just how geeky your Christmas can be.

Make sure that you read through the list to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, we’re really being silly today. Have fun!

Image by dawolf

On the twelfth day of Geekmas, a dear friend gave to me…

12 months of Pop Sci

Popular Science magazine heading, showing 39 days to mars.

Geeks love learning, especially about science… [link]

11 inches of MacBook

Macbook Air, showing the thin side profile view.

My favorite new toy. [link]

10 Thousand RPM

Picture of a hard drive platter.

This is one incredibly fast drive. [link]

9 Chemistry Cocktails

Picture of a chemistry-themed cocktail set.

Drinking is scientific, too! [link]

8 Gigs of Eye-Fi

Picture of an 8GB Wi-Fi expansion card.

You can upload holiday pictures of your drunk relatives to the internet right from your camera! [link]

a 720p webcam

720p, so all of your internet friends can see you just like IRL! [link]

6 button touch tablet

Both finger- and pen-friendly! [link]

5 Synced web browsers

The complete browser package for even the geek-challenged! [link]

400 nm of laser

Who doesn’t love lasers?  Who do YOU know that has a purple one? [link]

3.14 inside some earrings

She’ll have pi coming out of her ears! [link]

2 ways of charging

Picture of a cigarette lighter charging adapter.

A great stocking stuffer for the geek who needs more juice. [link]

and 1 month wired on caffeine.

Because you need to get a head start on next year’s Geeky Holiday Lights. [link]

Admittedly, the song is a stretch, but at least it’s in the holiday spirit.  Happy geeky gift hunting!