Are you wanting more than just a picture preview of a tab’s contents when switching between multiple tabs in Firefox? Now you can get more with Tab Popup.


After installing Tab Popup, you should take a quick look at the options to decide the preview pane size and the amount of time delay that best suits your needs. The default setup is shown here… Notice that you can be as specific as you desire on pixel size (very nice!).

Tab Popup in Action

As you can see, Tab Popup provides a nice view of webpages. It also provides the name of the particular webpage/website being viewed at the top and the address at the bottom. The solid color background/border makes the text stand out nicely.

What if the Webpage/Website Name and Address are Really Long?

Tab Popup can still display the majority of both, giving you a very good idea of the information that you need (terrific!).


If you like having tab previews that are more than just pictures, then Tab Popup is definitely a recommended add-on to have installed in your Firefox browser.


Download the Tab Popup extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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