One of the coolest new features in macOS Mojave is the dynamic wallpaper. The lighting in the default desert landscape changes throughout the day, depending on what time it is.

Sadly there are only two dynamic wallpapers offered: the desert, and a minimalistic take called Solar Gradients. That’s not enough, so here’s where to find a few more options, how to install them, and even how you can make your own dynamic wallpapers.

Download Third Party Dynamic Wallpapers

There are a few sites out there offering dynamic wallpapers you can use right now. Here are the best ones I’ve found:

  • Dynwalls offers three: Earth, New York City, and Moon.
  • Marcin Czachurski created a cool earth wallpaper and also documented how to make your own.
  • Jetson Creative offers four more wallpapers: Earth, High Sierra, San Francisco, and New York. (These are offered as a promotion for an app that Apple is sherlocking; good on them for making good out of a seemingly bad situation.)

Download the files you’re interested in, then put your them all anywhere you’d like on your Mac. Now head to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and add your folder.

The default desert thumbnail will show up, which is disappointing, but all of your dynamic wallpapers are here. Pick one! To test it out head to System Preferences > Time & Day and mess with the clock, being sure to hit “Save.” Your wallpapers will change as you do.

If you use multiple desktops on your Mac, you can set a different dynamic wallpaper on every desktop. Neat.

If Dynamic Wallpapers Don’t Switch

If switching between wallpapers does not work, no problem: set your wallpaper to the default Mojave one, then ensure that it’s set to “Dynamic.”

Switch back to your custom wallpaper, and it should now switch properly.

Create Your Own Dynamic Wallpaper

Can’t find any wallpapers you like? Dynamic Walls is a free program that helps you create your own. You can download the latest release right here. You’ll need to right-click the application and then click open, to bypass Gatekeeper and run Dynamic Walls.

This simple program takes a folder including 16 images and then turns them into a dynamic wallpaper. The images all need to have the same filename followed by a three digit number, e.g. ForestPark001.png. Here’s the numbers to use, quoted from Github:

  • 001 corresponds to dawn
  • 002 actual sunrise
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005
  • 006
  • 007 Noon
  • 008
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012 Sunset
  • 013 Dusk
  • 014 Nightfall
  • 015
  • 016

The software will take your location into account and make sure everything is working just right for you. Putting together a solid collection will take a while, but the results might be worth it. Let us know if you make something amazing, okay?

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