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Twitch is the premier platform for watching esports tournaments, industry events, and gaming personalities. Amazon pulled the official app from Roku Channel Store in 2017, but you can still use the Unofficial Twitch or TTV Stream apps to watch Twitch on Roku.

Update, 3/14/22: As of March 2022, the old official Twitch app (Option 2 below) no longer works at all because Roku is phasing out all unofficial channels. Our first option, Twoku, still works for the moment, but it could stop working at any time.

Option 1: How to Install Twoku on Roku

As an alternative to the unsupported official app, Twoku is another unofficial app that provides access to Twitch.

Note: Due to the changes being made to unofficial channels, and with the introduction of “Beta Channels,” it is very likely this won’t work in the future. If you follow these instructions and they don’t work, it probably isn’t something you’re doing wrong

Direct any web browser to the Add Channel page. Enter the channel code “C6ZVZD” and click “Add Channel.”  You may need to sign in again. Follow the prompts until the channel is added. As above, if the Twoku app doesn’t appear immediately in the Home menu, restart your Roku by navigating to Settings > System > System Restart from the Roku Home screen.

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You can also install the Twoku app directly on your Roku if the code stops working. It is more complicated, but there are instructions on the Twoku Github Repository.

You may have heard of Twitched and Twitched Zero. These unofficial Twitch apps for Roku no longer exist. Their developer says they were “removed by Roku at the request of Twitch Interactive,”  but the app above is a good alternative.

It would be nice if Amazon offered official Roku support, but we suspect the company sees Roku as a rival to the Amazon Fire TV.

Option 2: Install the Old Official Twitch App on Roku

The Unofficial Twitch app will install the old official Twitch app on your Roku. This app still worked when we tried it in March 2020.

Update, 3/15/22: As of March 2022, this no longer works.

It’s not available in the Roku Channel store, so you’ll have to use the “Add A Channel With A Code” feature. Direct any browser to “” and make sure you’re signed in. Enter the code “TWITCHTV” and follow the warning prompts to add the hidden channel to your account.

Roku Add a Private Channel

Alternatively, you can click this direct link to the app page, again following the prompts to add the private channel. If the Unofficial Twitch app doesn’t appear immediately in the Home menu, restart your Roku by navigating to Settings > System > System Restart from the Roku Home screen.

Roku Unofficial Twitch App

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When Amazon discontinued the Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store, Roku users who already had the app installed were still able to use it. The Unofficial Twitch app instructs your device to access that now-private official app.

Open the Unofficial Twitch app on your Roku device. A notice will appear, saying “Official Twitch Channel Now Available.” Choose “Yes.”

Roku Official Twitch Channel Now Available

The page for the official Twitch app will open. Select “Add Channel.”

Roku Discontinued Official Twitch App

Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the code displayed on your screen.

Roku Confirm Private Channel Add

Your Roku will confirm that “Twitch has been added to the end of Home.” You can now remove the Unofficial Twitch app.

Now you’re ready to start watching streams by popularity or category. You can sign in to your Twitch account in the app to access the channels you follow by pressing the star button on your Roku remote. At least you probably won’t have to worry about updating this app any time soon.

Roku Twitch Interface


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