Want to switch to OneNote as your default notetaking app without losing your Evernote notes?  OneNote doesn’t include a way to import notes from Evernote, but with the new free Ever2One Converter, you can move your notes to OneNote in seconds.

Many of us have tried many notetaking tools over the years, but once you’ve decided to stick to one you’ll want to move all of your notes into your main app.  We tried to find ways to import your notes from Evernote into OneNote, but only came up with some workarounds and no good solutions.  This week however, the developers of MobileNoter, an iOS OneNote app, released a new tool that makes it quick and simple import your Evernote notes into OneNote.  Let’s see how you can use this tool to consolidate all your notes in OneNote.

Moving Your Evernote Notes Into OneNote

First, download the Ever2One Converter from the link below; you’ll need to enter your email address, and then will receive a download code.  Download the app once you get the link, and setup as normal.

Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to import your notes.  Enter your Evernote user name and password first to get started.

Now select the notebooks you wish to import, and choose the OneNote notebook to save them to.  This way, you can import all of your notes at once, or just your most important ones if you wish.

Select the attributes you want to import with your notes; we recommend importing all the attributes so you’ll keep all your info in the transfer.

The Ever2One Converter will now begin importing and converting your Evernote notes.  This may take a few minutes, depending on the number of notes you selected to import.  If your notebooks included encrypted notes, you may be prompted to enter your encryption password during the import process.

Once it’s finished, open OneNote and check out the new Evernote Notes notebook.  This will contain a section for each of the Evernote Notebooks you imported, and then will show each note in those notebooks as page in Evernote.  The notes imported very nicely in our test, including the same images and layout as they did in Evernote.  PDF documents and other files attached to notes were also imported, so you won’t lose anything.

Update: Actually, tags are imported too … they’ll be located on the top left of your note’s title.  Just hover over the star beside a note’s title to see it’s tags; if there’s no star, then the note didn’t have tags in Evernote.  Thanks to Anton from MobileNoter for the heads-up!

Moving from OneNote to Evernote Instead

If instead you want to move your notes from OneNote into Evernote, it’s easy to do this too.  Just follow the steps on our guide to Import OneNote Notebooks into Evernote, and note that with the latest Evernote 4 for Windows you can now import both OneNote 2007 and OneNote 2010 notes into Evernote.  Now the circle’s complete; you can move your notes from Evernote to OneNote and back with only a couple clicks, so there’s no reason not to use the note taking app you prefer.

Speaking of such, which notetaking app do you prefer?  Both Evernote and OneNote have their advantages, and we’d be interested to see which one you find best for your needs.

Download the Ever2One Convertor

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