More often than not, you want to keep the audio with the videos you post to social media, but sometimes you don’t. Here’s how to remove the audio from any videos that you post to Instagram.

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So I have a video that I want to post to Instagram of a neat angle that I shot of cutting up some plywood. However, the audio is nothing more than the screaming sound of the table saw. With that in mind, I want to remove the audio and just the show the video.

Fortunately, Instagram lets you do this, whether you want to post the video to your Stories, or just publish it as a main post on your Instagram page. Here’s how to do it both ways.

Removing Audio in Instagram Stories

When you go to either record a video for your Story, or select a pre-recorded video to add to a Story, you can mute the audio entirely.

Once you record or select a video from your camera roll, tap on the sound icon up in the top-right corner.

The sound waves of the speaker icon will disappear and be replaced by an “X,” meaning that the audio is now off for that video.

Once you post the video, the viewer won’t hear any sound, nor will they be able to unmute it from their end.

Removing Audio in Instagram Posts

The process for regular Instagram posts is similar to that of Stories but slightly different. After you record a video or select a pre-recorded one from your phone’s camera roll, tap the sound icon up at the top of the screen in the center.

Just like in Stories, the icon will change to an “X,” and you’ll receive a little pop up saying that the audio is off. On Android, the icon will already have an “X” in it, but if you tap on it, it will turn blue, denoting that the audio is now off.

That’s all there is to it. This is a super simple tip, but it’s almost hidden in plain sight, bunched up with other icons and buttons that you’d hardly ever notice it.

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